Thicko bungler Wenger blames the refs again
Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 3:45PM
Arsenal Truth

Damn, I’m annoyed with myself, should have trusted my instincts. I started watching the Man City game yesterday but turned it off as soon as Arsenal scored. In retrospect, I imagine Paddy Power would have provided attractive odds on a 2-1 turnaround.

Shorn of key players including Kompany, Aguero and Fernandinho, and without midfield runners such as Delph and Gundogan, this was the worst looking City team I’d seen for years. Having immediately gone a goal down, I simply could not envisage their garbage defence keeping it tight at the back for the remainder of the game.

But they did. And Arsenal only had one shot on target.

As always, the maniacal Wenger threw the full weight of blame onto the match officials. He even had the gall to retrospectively blame them for Arsenal’s lack of points this season, despite gaining five points against Leicester, Southampton and Burnley from suspect refereeing decisions that went in Arsenal’s favour.

Watching his post-match interviews, with his haunted, crazed stare, I now reckon Wenger actually believes his own delusional thinking.

Yes, it’s true that City’s first goal was marginally offside, but FA rules state that if there is any doubt a player is offside, the official must keep his flag down. That means the advantage should be given to the attacker, and in the case of Sane he was only offside by three inches. From that distance and at that speed, it’s basically impossible for a linesman to conclude a player is offside with any degree of certainty.

This type of human error will always happen until the FA figures out a way to further extend the powers of video technology. Calling out the refs and attacking them in the way Wenger did is pretty disgraceful behaviour, but all he’s really interested in is deflection. I reckon out of the 27 goals Arsenal have conceded this season, 27 of them were blamed on the officials.

City’s second goal was not offside because the shot had already beaten Cech before Silva could be considered to be interfering with play.

Either way, it’s irrelevant. The fact is, to win the title you have to be better than the decisions that go against you. That’s what title winners do - they collate more points than other teams by eliminating their exposure to risk. If you invite pressure and crumble psychologically, the risk of marginal decisions going against you increases exponentially.

Anyway, the upshot is that Wenger has once again proved what a tactical moron he is. Had City had a full-strength side, I would have partially agreed that Arsenal should sit deep and employ a counter-attacking strategy, but against an injury ravaged team, dire at the back, one goal down and clearly lacking in confidence, his tactics only encouraged City to overcome their frailties.

In the second half, Sanchez was screaming at his team mates to push up 10-15 yards to support him, yet thicko Wenger sat frozen in the dugout doing nothing. He is only capable of making like-for-like substitutions, and even then he made particularly stupid ones, like putting Giroud on instead of Perez. A speedy, agile forward coming from deep would have presented far more danger to City than a big slow lump that was never going to get any service.

It is now incumbent on the ‘Wenger Out’ supporters to bring back the banners and start protesting for his removal, and persist until the end of the season irrespective of results.

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