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Chump change Wenger/3-way battle for fourth?

Leicester got off to the worst possible start on Saturday with a 2-1 defeat at Hull – a club in genuine crisis that has no manager and only 13 first team players to pick from. It’s going to be very difficult for Claudio Ranieri to get his players in the right frame of mind this season. So much of last season was built on momentum and impetus. Naturally, after a couple of months without kicking a ball or being together as a group, that’s all disappeared and a new mindset has to develop.

On the first day of the season, I watched most of Everton vs Tottenham. Everton bossed the first half and looked fitter and sharper - the away team seemed affected by their negative finish to the previous season. But because Spurs are so solid defensively, they managed to stay in the game. As Everton tired, goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg pulled off two fine saves to prevent the North Londoners from turning the game it on its head. I was impressed by new signing Vincent Janssen. I get the feeling that £17m will turn out to be a snip for this very promising striker.

Guardiola’s first competitive game in charge of Man City was pretty dismal. They were fortunate to beat Sunderland 2-1 and the Spaniard has his work cut out trying to mutate City into a fluid, possession-based side with a strong backbone. The back five does not look confident playing the ball out of defence or taking less than three touches. Guardiola will need to instil new behaviours into a lot of them - doubtless some won’t be up to it.

The game of the weekend was obviously at the Emirates, and I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t put a bet on there being more than three goals. It was the usual Wenger charade, culminating in a horrendous second-half collapse that again proves his players’ mentality is as weak as p*ss.

Calum Chambers played like a donkey at the back and he’s not new to the Premier League - he’s clocked-up 58 games for Southampton and Arsenal. One has to wonder what on earth Wenger is doing in training to reverse the fortunes of a promising young defender that cost him £16m.

At 4-1 down, derisive boos flooded from the stands, yet in his post-match interview Wenger tried to make out those boos were directed at the players. Wenger’s stratospheric ego will never countenance the fact that those cat calls were directed at him.

I’d just like to reaffirm that Wenger has all the traits of ‘Hubris Syndrome’ – a psychopathic, narcissistic personality disorder. Perhaps I can remind you of some of the symptoms:

  • Using power for self-glorification
  • An almost obsessive focus on personal image
  • Excessive self-confidence, accompanied by contempt for advice or criticism of others
  • Loss of contact with reality
  • Speaking as a messiah
  • Hubristic incompetence where supreme overconfidence leads to inattention to details

Arsenal mounted a half-arsed comeback thanks to a fluke goal by Chamberlain and poor set-piece defending by Liverpool, which Klopp really needs to get a grip on. The Liverpool manager has to cut adrift left back Alberto Moreno and goalkeeper Simon Mignolet too.

My tip for the title, Man Utd, comfortably beat Bournemouth 3-1. With four signings, Mourinho has transformed the team. They look stable defensively and have more goals in them now because the wonderfully talented Anthony Martial has another year under his belt and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s confidence, experience, strength and power will not only add goals but could reignite Wayne Rooney. Henrikh Mkhitaryan could score 10-15 goals from wide, and Paul Pogba will bring power and grace to their midfield.

The order in which the teams follow behind them is almost impossible to predict. Guardiola will need many months to transform Man City in his own image and I feel there will be a lot of slip ups along the way.

Chelsea’s Conte is a top-class manager who has a team that already knows how to win the title. What’s more, they have no European distractions. We saw how that benefited Leicester City last season and Liverpool a couple of seasons ago. N’Golo Kante will be a priceless signing for a team that lacks legs in midfield, and there will doubtless be more big signings to come. Chelsea beat West Ham 2-1 on Monday with a Hazard penalty and a fine strike from Diego Costa.

I feel Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal will scrap it out for fourth place. Of those teams, Spurs and Liverpool are on the up, but Arsenal will win a lot of games that don’t matter and a lot of teams will be stealing points from each other between now and May 2017.

As good as they were last season there are still question marks over whether Tottenham can take the next step. Do they really have 85 points in them? Or even 75?

Klopp’s Liverpool is coming on in leaps and bounds offensively, but there are serious defensive issues at play. However, like Chelsea, without having to participate in Europe, they have plenty of time to rest and prepare between games.

Wenger will not buy the required top class centre back, striker and winger required. That would cost £100m on top of the £40m he’s already spent and make a mockery of his claims Arsenal are the poor team of Europe.

With Wenger, job security will always come before results. Lack of money is a myth; the Frenchman is a chump change bungler that would rather turn a profit for his paymasters and achieve the bare minimum than spend the £200m sitting idle in the bank. After all, why give the board two reasons to sack him?

Wenger will only push the boat out when he fears he is truly cornered. If Arsenal can’t get six points at Leicester and Watford, expect mass panic on Aug 31.

It’s now incumbent on Arsenal supporters to grab their opportunity to hammer Wenger by creating the sort of toxic environment he will not want to work in for another two-three years. Here’s hoping that supporter groups are remobilised and anti-Wenger protests begin again at Leicester City on Saturday.

Note: Arsenal Truth is now on Twitter @TruthArsenal.


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Reader Comments (10)

The Emirates will never become anything resembling a cauldron of hate towards their Messiah. If he signed on the dotted line after losing the next two matches and sitting on his hands on Aug 31st while shagging their missus, people would still renew and say the same things that they have been saying for years - "He knows that he where the shortages are, he will fix them." All you need to do is look at some of the blogs to see his minions in action. "It's the Board. It's Kroenke."

For me, it is beyond boring now - both the football and the incompetence of both Wenger and the Board. I probably will catch a few games this year on my laptop, but I won't really care one way or the other. Arsenal under Wenger and the Board aren't interested in winning or even challenging. Wenger these days is more interested in how much money that he can save on transfer fees at the expense of dropped points.

August 17, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBegeegs

Good write-up, better than anything from the Fleet St lot.

August 17, 2016 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

I love your piece.

I just want your old hard-hitting cynicism back at Wenger. Your posts seem very informative but they lack the good old 'Arsene is a senile, hungry power crook' kind of vibe jab that you used to post. I hope you take this as good criticism :)

On a real note, this must be his last year. He must feel that he is out of touch. If he extends, we must riot!!!!


Just buy a punchbag and stick Wenger's face on it.

August 18, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterGamba

Are you enjoying lympics, AT?


I've watched none of it. Don't like watching walking steroids.

August 18, 2016 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

Wenger should understand that Arsenal as a club is bigger than him as a person. He should stop toiling the destiny of Arsenal with his pride and arrogance. Mr. “we are working very hard to get quality” made you wonder that his players with quality are the likes of walnut who come from Ur-anus, Johnny Evans, Bony - used to be good players, like Kjaer but is that the level of quality that will improve Arsenal? Fucking delusional to the core. We remembered one January window that Le Cunt kept on talking about the quality crap, only to bring a back injured Kim Kallstrom? What a lying cunt he’s always been.

Wenger is doing nothing and will continue to do nothing. He’s a fucking dumb wannabe smart economist, not a football manager anymore since he decimated the Invincibles. What does he have to show for it, a team that he viciously refuses to complete with the signing of competent strikers? Blind faith in the donkey Giroud and crocked Welbeck?

He is a typical old man, clinging to his money and stuck in “the old way” of doing things. Nothing and no one will stop his philosophy until hopefully this season disaster out of top 4, will at least wake the brainwashed sheep from his tight grip cult.

Can’t wait the day the Old Cunt finally fucked off for good.

August 19, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterForeign Gooner

Spot on regarding Arsene's Hubris Syndrome's symptoms, AT.

This is a good read mentioning his signs of always playing-the-victim manipulative behaviour. He must have a Master Degree in Psychology instead of his Economic Degree.


14 Signs Someone Is Always Playing The Victim:

1. They don’t take responsibility - blaming other instead.
2. They are frozen in their life.
3. They hold onto grudges.
4. They have trouble being assertive.
5. They feel powerless - in Wenger's case is the inflated transfer market.
6. They don’t trust others - in Wenger's case is he'd not allowed a real leader in the team.
7. They don’t know when to say enough is enough.
8. They get into arguments easily.
9. They feel sorry for themselves.
10. They constantly compare themselves to others.
11. They see life as always lacking - lacking of quality as always.
12. They are a critic.
13. They think they are perfect - delusional to the core.
14. They cut people out of their life.

August 19, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterForeign Gooner

I always thought that you were deluded and totally off base with your comments about Wenger and that you were just trying to cause problems within the fan base for no reason. But after seeing Wenger's latest comments about how an injured Yaya Sanogo (YAYA F**KING SANOGO) is better than any other striker on the market right now, I literally lost it.

Continue with the good work fine sir, and hopefully Wenger will soon be exposed for what he truly is, a fraud.

August 20, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterOB

@OB what was Wenger on when he said that?

August 21, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterChris J

AW: “If we find players who can strengthen our team we are not reluctant. I would spend £300m if I find the right player and I have £300m.”


August 21, 2016 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

Wenger has become a parasite eating away at the core of the club. Those that still lick his backside are as deluded and as ignorant as himself. I have long lost my va va voom for my team and now accept the inevitable. Please put an end to this nightmare!

August 21, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterGraham

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