Wenger is a cockroach
Monday, March 13, 2017 at 6:38PM
Arsenal Truth

Read an interview with Wenger yesterday in which he fell to brand new, desperate lows.

Quote: "It is always interesting to take a distance, because people keep your eye and brainwash you with what you think is right. We are in the semi-final of the FA Cup. How many times have we been? You have to accept that nothing is good enough, you have to live with that.”

Seriously, this is verging on psychopathic. Only a maniac like Wenger would attempt to pass off Arsenal beating Preston, Southampton reserves, Sutton Utd and Lincoln as an accomplishment.

First fourth was a trophy, now an FA Cup semi-final is a trophy. Next season, Europa Cup qualification will be a trophy. It will never end with this ghastly cockroach in charge.

"Get out of that heated atmosphere and look at things in an objective way. Sometimes it confirms what people say. Sometimes it doesn't. It is down to me to take the right distance - people are right and people are wrong as well. I managed about 2,000 games and might know a little something about the game as well.”

His arrogance is titanic, and his opinion of Arsenal fans, or anyone that happens to disagree with him, is borderline psychotic. All that exists is his selfish, narcissistic power grab at the expense of anyone or anything that stands in his way. Screw Arsenal and screw its supporters - the lonely old man who now only cares about perverting the agenda until end of days. Just like a dictator doesn't love his country, Wenger doesn't love the club, he loves himself. It's so painfully obvious.

This is a man who watched the Bayern thrashings another three times yet still managed to delude himself into believing that he was unlucky, tactically competent or his players actually give a sh*t. This berk watched Barcelona’s sensational turnaround against PSG on repeat just so he could spend five hours trying to dream up excuses in order to re-contextualise his own wretched failures.

Wenger is deplorable. This is embarrassing.

Nobody is objective, except Arsene Wenger – the master of faux-manipulation. According to him, Arsenal fans are manipulated chumps, conned into believing he is underachieving by an agenda-driven media. Yet anyone with a peanut for a brain can see the hypocrisy - how Wenger has spent the last decade using the very same media to perpetually and deliberately manipulate supporters with his litany of hair-brained excuses and lies.

These are the desperate, flailing throws of a malevolent tyrant, desperate to manoeuvre his way out of the grave he’s dug himself.

It’s only when you read this repellent hogwash that you realise how limp and feeble the Arsenal board is. Can you imagine any other high-profile club in Europe allowing their manager to spend so much time deliberately bleeding stories into the media, accusing its own fans of being brainwashed to deflect from his underachievement?

On the positive side, the protests are clearly getting to Wenger, and that’s why they have to continue at every single home game. And if Wenger has the audacity to sign another contract, Arsenal fans should protest every single weekend for the duration of those two years as well. That has to be made very clear to Arsenal Football Club.

And a message to the Arsenal fans that believe Wenger should go but sit idly at matches doing nothing while others make banners or organise marches, you’re an embarrassment to Arsenal Football Club and yourself. You deserve failure, you deserve manipulation, you deserve disrespect and you deserve to be conned. Brave, principled people have given you an avenue to express your frustration, and you’re silently throwing it in their faces.

I no longer have any sympathy for Arsenal fans that piss and moan about Wenger yet are too lazy or misguided to do anything that might make a difference.

Basically, put up or shut up.

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