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Protests to continue indefinitely if Wenger signs new contract

The feeling from the last seven days of news stories is that Arsene Wenger is intent on signing a new two-year deal at Arsenal. The board still backs him because, apparently, puppet Chairman Sir Chips Keswick got his Hong Kong mate’s to fly that plan over West Brom last Saturday.

If true, how embarrassing is that?

Meanwhile, Wenger has been on the phone to all his ex-players pleading with them to back him up in the media. He’s also been on the offensive, desperately trying to engineer fans back into his camp by making retarded blanket statements in support of himself, e.g. “only one team can win the Premier League”, “how I nearly signed Suarez” and “next season I’m going to revolutionise the team”.

To be fair, he won’t have much choice but to revolutionise the team because all his star players are leaving. I think it’s fair to say that Ozil and Sanchez, along with Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere and Gibbs (albeit the worst left back to ever represent the club) will definitely not be at Arsenal next season, although Wenger might find it harder to transform his squad considering he’s already handed contract extensions to proven wastes of space like Giroud, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin and Bellerin.

If Wenger is to sign his contract, I’d expect him to do it before the Man City game in eight days’ time, particularly as there are more protests planned at the Emirates prior to that match. Indeed, those protests could be swelled by supporters who thought Wenger might step down amicably but now realise the only way he’ll be persuaded is via a crowbar and a bottle of Rohypnol.  

Either way, the club will soon realise that protesting against Wenger will be the norm now until the end of his days as Arsenal manager, whenever that is. The glass ceiling has been broken. Just as Wenger has dug himself in for the long haul, so has the anti-Wenger faction, which shows no appetite for backing down this time.

Removing Wenger will now become a way of life - protests as routine as supporters eating hot dogs outside the ground.

If doing his job competently wasn’t difficult enough, this will make it practically impossible. Wenger’s entire future will be plagued by a relentless backdrop of negativity and never-ending speculation - a distraction that will affect the players and the staff, making the club an unattractive prospect to join and casting a massive black cloud for an indeterminate period. It will also cost the club money as many protest groups are now organising themselves to create schemes that will hit the club in the pocket.

People often ask me “what do you think Wenger will do”? But I’m sane and rational, Wenger isn’t. Only a freak would be prepared to enter into a massive rebuilding job operating under such a horrendous atmosphere of pessimism and abuse. Fans also ask me whether they believe Arsenal will still make the top four this season. Personally, I think Arsenal will have to win 7 out of their 11 remaining games, and probably draw the other 4.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions from that. 

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Reader Comments (11)

Personally AT, I can't see where the next win is coming from. Only a fool would put money on Arsenal getting through to the FA Cup final, which were they to win might pacify a few of Wenger's critics. No, I think wherever we finish in the league on the last day of the season, it'll be behind Chelsea, City, Spurs, Liverpool, United and possibly Everton. Sad times indeed, but at last the boil is coming to a head and will soon be lanced.

March 24, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDB10

Agree with db10. Wenger should have been axed 10 years ago. The Gunners always flatter, but when it comes to the crunch, they simply collapsed - not once but many times. Wenger should be held accountable for this state of affairs.

At one time he blamed lack of funds, but now he has the money he is still underperforming. This has to do with his tactics. No wonder Drogba/Ronaldo etc. liked to play against Arsenal, because they had space and time to score wonder goals.

Unless and until he changes tactically, he will be 2nd best, which is unacceptable for a club the size of Arsenal.

March 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGunner Smith

I fear that I was right that Wenger will only ever leave sacked or feet first in a pine box. The mistake that some folk make when it comes to judgements on Wenger is that they do not bear in mind the fact that he is a massive snob. He has always regarded the supporters as akin to something he has trodden in. No amount of demonstrating will ever reach Wenger. He is a deeply unpleasant man. Endless trouble and strife in and around the club will eventually force change. Wenger will never go willingly.

The only good thing about Wenger starting next season as manager will be that all the early failures and disasters will be owned entirely by him. If another took over our incompetently put together squad, which will be minus Sanchez, you can bet that there will be loads of brain-dead morons saying that we were wrong to get rid of their messiah.

Wenger and his supporters and the lazy journalists and broadcasters still backing Wenger will look ever more ridiculous. When I was young, in the 1950s Chelsea were the national joke. I would never have believed it possible that one day The Arsenal - MY ARSENAL would provide our enemies and rivals with so much entertainment.

March 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRamgun

I am reading this article for some time, I have few observation:

1. Where are mass revolts from supporters? It was clear for last 6/7 years that AW has passed the expiry date at Arsenal, but vast majority of the supporters did not see that or hoped against hope.

2. This owner is the worst owner could be possible for any club, AW gets his strength from this owner. The saddest possible thing could happened to any club has happened to Arsenal in respect of Arsenal ownership. This owner is a worst negative for any club, least inspiring. No positive statement or no big goal announcement.

3. I fail to understand the moron talk from club greats. A few years back even DD said leave AW alone, how come they failed to read the massive lapse of AW at the current situation? How they live with this kind embarrassment?

4. Most celebrated AW teams were built on, power and speed, courtesy GG, whole problem started when AW deviated from that script.

Finally, I think dark cover will remain hanging over Arsenal for a long period, as long as oil money keeps pouring into UK football and the current owner remains in command of Arsenal. It is sad, but that is my reading.

March 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJayanta

Hi AT, do you think some of the players you mentioned leaving might stay if Wenger goes? If so, which one/s?

I wonder if some of the anti-Wenger supporters think protesting won't make any difference and therefore see it as a waste of their time and energy.

If you could keep us informed of the details of the protests I'll attend those I'm able to.


I'm sure Sanchez would think twice if a top manager was brought in, but if Arsenal are out of the top four you can probably forget it.

March 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterChris J

I believe we will have an indication whether the fm stays before the season ends. A loss against MC in both EPL and FA Cup will convince him he better leave. On the other hand, he could be stubborn and stay on that's where the indications will be more clear cut.

Assuming Arsenal sign some players before the season ends, this will strongly indicate he has the owner's ear.

March 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGunner Smith

I think he's staying and is waiting for a good result to announce it. I think if he was leaving, he would have said by now.

March 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterChris J

Don't really think the players are the problem but will concede that we need to get rid of some of them. AW is the problem with his outdated ideas and style of coaching. He should not spend a minute more, Wenger out now!

March 29, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKpower

Top four no chance, FA Cup no chance. Progress can then be made.

March 29, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMICHAEL.B

The protest group #NoNewContract have launched this petition calling for the Arsenal board not to award Wenger a new contract. If you want this slimeball out of our club, please sign it and get your voices heard:-


March 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterZoob

Apparently, his ex-wife Annie has come out and said she was frightened by him, due to sudden personality changes.

Your thoughts AT?


I'd need to read the entire article, but why would Wenger be any different at home to the lying, manipulative misogynistic fraud we already know he is?

March 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterWrinkly Voyeur

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