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Captain Walcott - the latest dolt to represent Wenger's crumbling empire

I had to laugh at Arsenal’s horror show against Crystal Palace last night. Didn’t watch the game, but kept tabs and when Arsenal went 2-0 down I burst out laughing. The fact is, after supporting Arsenal for 38 years I’m no longer emotionally invested in the club. The link was severed years ago by a corrupt regime with a deplorable figurehead.

I don’t mind if other fans claim I’m a deserter for turning my back on Arsenal, not that many have. Guilt trips don’t work with me because I’m not easily manipulated by the will of others. I form my own opinions and have my own set of principles, and when they’re not adhered to I’m unlikely to be swayed.

I knew that Wenger’s empire would crumble because my point of view has always been based on sound evidence and logic, not an irrational emotional addiction. That’s what the last few years writing Arsenal Truth have been about, getting on with life and finding something more meaningful to do while I wait for change.

Basically, it’s Arsenal versus the fans now. Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger are only interested in feeding themselves off the wealth that Arsenal plc generates. Rich men never have enough money and narcissists never have a big enough ego. When push comes to shove, they would rather stash the cash and sink the club than throw themselves overboard. And that’s what we’re seeing play out right now.

The house is smouldering and the stench of decline fills the air while the board sits in the kitchen drinking Earl Grey tea discussing how they can get to the end of the season in one piece before announcing that Wenger is staying. Meanwhile the reputation of the club is being eroded daily and Arsenal’s underwear is being washed in public, skid marks and all.

But let’s be clear, whatever you think of the board Wenger is the main problem at Arsenal. He is the corrosive, selfish cancer burrowing into every cell of the club’s DNA. Over the past five years, Kroenke has allowed him to spend £306m on players and the club has made a net loss of £215m in the transfer market. Any competent manager given that amount of money should be capable of competing for the PL and CL, and if they don’t they’re entirely to blame for that.

Barring a miracle, only one thing can possibly change that course of events now, and that’s sustained, highly aggressive mass protests and the withdrawal of income from the club’s coffers. But Arsenal fans are, by and large, as witless, arrogant and cowardly as the players they pay stupid money to complain about.

They think Arsenal is a classy club that behaves in a classy way, and that they’re superior to everyone else. But as we’ve seen recently, Arsenal fans - who mostly sit motionless while some mentally ill maniac disguised as a manager rips their club apart - are just as stupid and clueless as the most stupid and clueless fans of every other club.

The funniest thing about last night’s defeat, however, was not the scoreline, it was Wenger’s laughable decision to make that frightened little twat Theo Walcott captain. If that decision in itself doesn’t prove the manager has rigamortis from the neck up, nothing will. 

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Reader Comments (16)

It isn't easy fighting someone WHO is incapable of owning up to their flaws like Wenger. After all, he won't be quitting even if someone burns down his house. The real change will happen the day Gazidis grows a pair and Stan starts to realise he is missing out on cash because of how poorly the club is being run.

April 11, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDanish gooner

Well said AT.

The only thing Walcott has added to his game during his time with Arsenal, is a beard.

April 11, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMick

Danish gooner hit the nail on the head AT, namely Wenger's narcissistic tendencies will highlight to the man that he's right and everyone else is wrong.

Also didn't watch and even managed a smile when I saw the final score. Plus I totally agree with Walcott captaining the side, but if not him, who? Therein lies the bigger problem. Shorn of any leaders. Arguably the only semi-leader at the club is Mertesacker and he's been overlooked for the funny looking and frankly shit, Paulista.


Could give it to Monreal. Shit defender but has a good work ethic. Actually thought he was very good against Man City.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAJL

The board should have sacked the tosser after the 8-2 OT disaster, they didn't for all the reasons you summed up here time after time. Last match I attended was 17th Aug 2013. Losing to Villa is one thing, but I couldn't bare the sight of those AIWT banners in the North Bank Lower anymore. Friggin idiots. "

Be careful what you wish for!" LOL!

"Wenger on his last legs" and Raskal's latest post are pearlers! Exactly how it is.

Keep up the good work AT!

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterCloggs

I am a Chelsea blue since '04. I've posted here in the past as John Terry and Ash Cole and closely monitored your blog because I'm a huge fan. I've been privileged to read numerous pieces you've composed but this one, wow! An absolute masterpiece in writing filled with accurate and succinct analysis!

AFTV is just pure entertainment, but if you ran a YouTube channel with analysis you'd kill it. But most of the moronic masses these days probably don't understand let alone appreciate brilliance! You're an artist with words.

Now on to footballing matters. I'm more interested in what you think the future holds for the Arsenal. He's already signed the two- year contract and unless Kroenke croaks he won't give up his cash cow. It is now that Mourinho's words on specialist in failure and every manager feeling pressure but one that ring true.

In my humble opinion, you're headed to mid-table status permanently. There'll be an overhaul engineered by the spineless and gutless arrogant Wenger, you'll have a one-off season where you may squeeze into the top four and then he'll leave your club, but to be honest I can't see what big name signings you can attract.

Vieira, Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie you sold, now you're about to lose Sanchez for a bargain or on a free. I personally don't want the Arsenal to sink, you've been an excellent developmental club for the contenders and with Chelsea's decade of success part two well underway with a new generation of legends: Azpilacueta, Luiz, Fabregas, Hazard, Pedro, Kante with Lukaku and Sanchez on the way, who can stop us?

What a revelation Moses and Marcos Alonso have been; the ever reliable Matic and Cahill developing as a proper leader. Happy days ahead, but we need the Arsenal to advertise life in London by signing the odd gem or developing one so that when they mature like Ash Cole and Fabregas, do they come to a real club?

Ty from AFTC best encapsulates the spirit and integrity of the Arsene Football Club and the average fan. He simply says in an unfiltered way exactly what each fan has been feeling subconsciously. Even now, most protesting are doing so with an enormous degree of gratitude to Arsene for the 15 years of stagnant decline it's been the most malignant and slow killing cancer of any professional sports franchise.

In summation, Arsenal is so despised by me because you've been an insult to the competitive spirit of sport and the modern day commoditization of it. It's ironic that most of you had once upon a time considered yourselves a classy club because instead of the Man (Kroenke) spending big to produce a superior product on the pitch you stood by the continual exploitation of sports fans by continuous manipulation and blatant lies to your fanbase. Compete with Bayern by 2012? lmao! if you could only compete with a relegation threatened side for a full 90 minutes. It's a soulless, dead club that has taken 15 years to manifest itself it will take at least 30 years to revive.

I'm interested in what says you so far as the future of AFC. It seems as though you are waiting by the wayside instead of enjoying the wonderful game. In the meantime you've got a legendary club in the making (Chelsea) making history under your very eyes. I'd say you headed to a Liverpool-sized league trophy drought, but that's not true. You're much worse.

If I were in Liverpool in the late 80s I'd never blink on supporting a classy club like Manure in the 90s. This loyalty bullshit, I don't get it - I mean if in a lifetime a club brought you the best memories, then out of respect for that you stay loyal but after a few great seasons one or two to be exact then I don't get it.

A United Fan is entitled sticking with United over the last 5 years of shit and maybe even 10 more, but the Liverpool-sized drought makes no sense, but one thing is for sure, it's not all about trophies but the values the club may hold and in Pools case they've fought all the time even in the midst of their drought they at least respected their fans and the sport they represent and they won a Champions league but the Arsenal now approaching a 20-year Liverpool sized drought, and for what? It's not like Arsene brought you a decade of success, just 5 years of it on which that was built by GG and overseen by DD. So last chance mate!

I've got a blue jersey with your name on it. Your history is being dismantled and you weren't even alive to enjoy it. I'm watching my clubs history unfold. I never followed the EPL or any club football until after the magical year for football 2004 when Greece put a display of heroes for the continent to see on what sport means. At that time everyone was a red or a red devil then divine intervention a foreigner came in and bought a club and the racist establishment fans had a go at him why was he building an all star team and why not?

If it were their club they'd never bitch Real and Barca can do that but not Chelsea because they weren't part of the established elites the big boy network within football Roman told them all to fuck off and brought a young renegade manager in Jose and the stories and headlines were written even UEFA with its financial "elite" fair play rules was brought to punish a generous owner who wanted to give his fans and the continent and the world a brand of football never seen before. It was always us against the world and it continues now after a decade of success we are finally the deserving darlings of English football.

We are 2-3 titles away and another champion league trophy away from overtaking Manure as the most successful club of England since the millennium. 3 more champions leagues and we will surpass Barca! For all of Barca's success as Europe's best club ever status they've never beaten us in the knockout stages in 90 minutes ever!

The fates of 2 different polar clubs in the UK one making profits for its owners another with an owner that spends his on his club. One attempting on overtaking the continent as the best another trying to make a domestic top 4 to sell European tickets while it embarrasses itself, the league and the sport. The shambolic embarrassment and disgrace has reached unprecedented levels. If I ran the FA I'd shut down the AFC for the unprecedented level of disgrace and shame you've brought to the city of London, the nation, the continent, and the sport.

Since that's unlikely let's hope to see @ least 5 more years of Arsene make the top four over the next two seasons or in just one of them and he'll be signing on for 4 more.


I don't worry about the future of Arsenal. If Brendan Rodgers can come within one game of wining the PL, Ranieri can win it and Spurs can finish above Arsenal and compete for the PL two seasons running with half the budget, that proves the game is more about managers than money.

The top players want to play in the Premier League and they want to live and work in London. Arsenal will always be appealing to the best players and managers. Sanchez and Ozil still came in the midst of Arsenal's PL/CL decade-long drought, so I don't see a problem in attracting some of the best players, the problem is getting the best out of them and retaining them.

Even if Arsenal drop out of the top four, so what? Chelsea finished 11th and are now top of the league. So a CL place can easily be re-attained.

No Arsenal supporter expects to win the PL or CL every season, or even compete for it every season, but we expect a certain level of consistency that enables us to be competitive and to exist in an environment of hope and expectation. With Wenger, there is none. When he's gone, hope will return and hope is all you need.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterEden Hazard

I dont think it is solely the manager to be blamed when he can be removed changed or even kicked out.
The blame has to be reserved on those who have allowed him to occupy the position of being a figurehead and those who call him a hero saviour or a legend and support him like he is some kind of life giver.

That is what inspires him to be a specialist in failure.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered Commentergrimsy b

Personally, I can't see why they don't let Theo combine captain and director of football duties.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

Dear AT!

How bad can things still get before the Board wakes up and realize we are in deep trouble?
Massive stadium boycotts? Not sure they notice.

Massive protests? A trifle annoying. But no more than that in my book.

Abandon season tickets? Seems like a good start… hit them where it hurts.

Finish outside Top 4? Lets face it, we don't deserve that this year... we never do anything good, footballing wise, with it anyway. So, better to allow others who have need for it use it.

Finish outside Top 6? Well at least that saves us from the agony of European match days! Not that we do anything other than marking the register anyway.

Lose out in the semi-final of the FA Cup to Man City or in the final? The glory and heady days of FA Cup seem to be long gone. Have we even done enough to merit our current status this year? Methinks not. The only reason I won’t mind us winning it, even undeservedly, is to pull clear of Manchester United in the total number of FA Cups victories.

Lose Sanchez, Ozil, Santi Cazorla, Bellerin, etc? Well, that would hurt a lot since it is certain we won’t be replacing them with equal or better qualities.

Give Aaron Ramsey a contract extension? Now, that is gonna be really painful.

Recall Per Mertesecker and reinstate his captaincy? I have seen worse happen in this club.

Extend Wenger's contract for another four years on more lucrative terms? Why not. More of the same gloom for next four years I guess... maybe a bit worse on the pitch.

Relieve Wenger of his duties and replace with a David Moyes-resque manager. Then, we will wish we had stuck with Wenger.

Revenues drop significantly and we are forced to sell more of our average players (Giroud, AOC, Xhaka, Mustafi, Coquelin, Cech, etc) on the cheap to meet up with our loan repayments? Why not... simply replace them with more mediocre players and we extend our remaining in doldrums for another 5 to 10 odd years.

Spurs finishing above us with a commanding points total. Ouch.

Chelsea bottling it all up and Spurs winning the league whilst we finish 6th or 7th? Ouchy.

Ozil and Sanchez moving to Spurs. Can things get worse?

We are unable to generate enough revenue to meet our player and bank obligations and suffer massive points deductions which pushes us further down the pecking order. No comment.

Spurs beat us home and away for five straight years. Can happen. Will likely happen.

Wenger takes a controlling stock in the club and becomes the Chairman, pulling all the required strings. Why not, if not, as my people will say?

What else can go wrong?.....

My point is I try to envision all the possible things that can go wrong in my club and I multiply these by a factor of two to three. This way, as the drama keeps unfolding, my sanity and blood pressure remain rightfully preserved.

Watching Barca lose 2-0 before and 3-0 last night after our own dreadful performance was a welcome panacea to my broken heart.

Keep on blogging, my man. Tomorrow is going to be worse!!!


Babatunde, you're even more pessimistic than me. Maybe that's your coping mechanism.

In all seriousness, that is another spot-on piece to be fair AT.

For me the salient question: does Arsene actually believe the stuff he's coming out with i.e. is he actually mad; or is he just having a joke and a laugh (on us), in his autumn years.


He's just a tape recorder, saying the same old things but in a different order. It's deliberate, but he's too senile to realise how ridiculous he sounds.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

AT, I can see that all pro-Wenger blogs are deflecting the blame towards the board. How the fuck people cannot comprehend the simple fact that Wenger is clueless piece of shit and should be thrown out ASAP?

This is the only Arsenal blog which makes sense in the entire Arsenal blogosphere.


Because it's easier to blame the board than admit they were wrong about Wenger.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAcquit

AT, did you happen to see captain Feo's post-match interview? Immediately following the match and he looked like he hadn't broken a sweat; you'd think he was a holiday excursionist - as fresh as if he'd come from a massage and a day at the spa.


He probably think's mud is dog shit.

April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterWrinkly Voyeur


Great response to Eden's post. Of course every other clubs' fans want Arsene to stay and they all sing the same song with the pro Wengers.

With the £190m pa wages, £100m on transfer fees allocated like this year, and the owner gives you freedom to do your job, do you think any manager like Simeone or Allegri with their passion and ability to motivate players can not do better than Arsene is doing right now?

Deflect, deflect and blame the board but the majority of ST holders remain ignorant and there will certainly be no big decrease in numbers in June when the renewal of STs are still sold out to the fast food junkies. No shame and no wonder Stan was so eager to take over with these mugs of fans.

April 13, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterForeign Gooner

Not in the mood to discuss his position, what a joke! As the club crumbles around him, Wenger continues to disrespect us all. Has this man no shame? There is no doubt now that he is incapable of making any progressive decision and should be put out to pasture. Nine years of bullshit has finally come to a head.

You are totally right AT, the Arsenal fans are a disgrace. My allegiance began in 1968 and, like yourself, I no longer care whether we win or lose. Hopefully, losing every game will be the only way to put an end to this nightmare.

April 13, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterASB

Hi AT - for the protests to gather momentum it is essential Arsenal keep playing like they did against Palace and losing. Under 'Captain' Walcott (what a joke that is), hopefully that will be the case, otherwise it will all fizzle out like a damp squib, and hey presto Wenger takes his queue and signs on the dotted line.

After the Boro game, we have a tough run in and, unlike last time his contract was up for renewal, the FA Cup looks an unlikely saviour with Chelsea, Spurs and City still in contention. I actually cheered out loud when I saw the Palace score and was nervous before I looked in case we had come back from the 1-0 down score line I saw!

The board are appalling too, but as you say Wenger is the major cancer, and if he survives this time that will be it for me completely.

April 13, 2017 | Unregistered Commenter1970Gooner

Honestly I think that you miss the point sometimes. You blame Wenger completely and believe that the board are somehow a weak bunch of fools that havn't dealt with the problem. Nothing could be further from the Truth

The problem is all of them - the board are not fools and Wenger is just the front piece to ensure that greedy nameless fuckers trouser your money and mine. Wenger gets 7M a year to front the whole fraud up and take the fans flak. And make no mistake, Wenger is a genius - not in the way that we want him to be because he has financially sustained the corrupt executive of Arsenal whilst maintaining a perception that we can win. Sad fact is, you make more money finishing fourth than you do finishing first - and they all know that

Wenger has to go - no doubt but nothing is going to change at Arsenal when he does and the reason for that is that Kroenke, Gazidis and all the other money grabbing cunts that have bled our club dry will still be there.

Fact is, that these greedy bastards have played loyal fans like a fiddle. All of this has been planned and orchestrated by the board and Wenger and when the cash cow runs out ALL of them will heading for the hills riding in their Porsches. Can you not see that Wenger is just the front man for the biggest and longest scam ever in football. get rid of Wenger you just get rid of the head of the cancer and the board will just put another useless cunt in control and we'll go round the cycle again and again and again whilst hopeless fans watch in helplessness.

The only thing that will stop this madness is when the money stops rolling in and someone is running it who cares more about winning than income and that ain't going to happen ever again in our lifetimes. Too much money, too much corruption, premiership football is a business not a sport and its the same from top to bottom. I've taken to watching local teams lately its more fun and the passion for the game is still there. Fuck Arsenal, fuck the premiership, fuck the world cup - I am forever done with it.

After nearly thirty years, I let my season ticket go about 4 years ago. Fucked if I am going to put any money in these money hungry cunts pockets ever again.

If I may say politely, you are completely delusional if you think getting rid of Wenger is going to make the slightest difference and solve the problem. AFC and football in general are rotten to the core and scamming as much money as possible is the name of the game - not winning trophies. Getting rid of Wenger will change nothing, the cycle will repeat - again and again and again.


So if Arsenal had given Klopp, Guardiola, Mourinho or Conte £305m to spend five years ago, where do you think we'd be now? Not this shower of shit, I guarantee you.

The board is useless, but Wenger is almost entirely to blame. Not once do you mention tactics, scouting, preparation or player mentality, and Wenger has absolutely everything in place to do that to the best of his ability (with facilities better than 95% of other clubs in world football). If you think that's not linked to winning football matches, you're the one that's completely delusional.

I understand your frustration, but there's no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The supporters are onto the board now, and Kroenke/Gazidis will not get an indefinite pass if Wenger or anyone else sends this club right down the shitter.

When the CL money stops, the sponsorship dries up and the season tickets evaporate, Kroenke's investment is fucked. The hope is that we don't get to that point and waste another two years - all they have to do is make the right decision to remove Wenger. Granted, that's no guarantee of success, but with Wenger no success is guaranteed.

Arsenal may well be a scam - the whole PL is a scam, but none of the supporters of clubs that compete, or live in hope of competing, for the PL give a shit. And neither will Arsenal fans if the club gets the right manager installed and supports him financially like Wenger is being supported.

If Arsenal compete for the PL or CL, I guarantee you no one will care if Kroenke reinstates his £3m pa 'dividend'.

April 13, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

Oh dear Steve, if you seriously think they are all to blame then I'm afraid you are not looking at the real issues. Wenger has become a useless coach and manager. Tactically inept, incapable of solving our on pitch frailties and totally disfunctional, he has to be stopped. The board do not make the key on pitch decisions. WENGER IS THE CANCER!!

April 17, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterWengeroutasap

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