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Kroenke and Wenger will leave Arsenal if they have any sense 

And so it came to pass. For the first time in 21 years, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have missed out on the top four and will no longer be participating in a competition they only genuinely competed for once throughout that entire period.

Wenger has lost the club £50m and isn’t a good enough manager to win the Europa League, so there is very little chance of Arsenal clawing back a substantial amount of that income.

As expected, power has been restored to the big Premier League clubs with Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea all improving considerably under new management, albeit still plenty of room for further growth. Despite finishing the season potless, Tottenham have been superb and Man Utd will have had a decent season if they manage to win the Europa League.

Wenger is finished as a manager and Arsenal are finished as a top four club for as long as he hangs around like a bad smell. Arsenal are in deterioration and a much bigger mess now than when the Frenchman first joined.

His predecessor, Bruce Rioch left behind the best back five in Europe and world-class players such as Platt, Bergkamp and Wright. Things were not perfect, but the club was back on the up after George Graham took his eye off the ball and left the club somewhat under a cloud.

Currently, Arsenal are on a slippery slope and only have two players that can remotely be categorised as world-class, Alexis Sanchez and (arguably) Mesut Ozil. With only one year left on what is likely to be their final big contract, if either player has any ambition about them they will surely leave Arsenal this summer.

Wenger may publicly insist that Sanchez and Ozil have to see out their remaining year, but let’s get real. Without Champions League football, the club is going to suffer enough of a financial downturn without attempting to hold on to these players against their will and lose out on a prospective £80-100m in transfer fees.

Needless to say, Arsenal does not look like a club with a particularly bright future right now. No longer able to offer Champions League football and with five Premier League clubs, plus a host of others around Europe, looking far more attractive options for any high-profile player to join, replacing players of Sanchez and/or Ozil’s quality looks an impossible feat for any manager in the short term.

On the other hand, in the unlikely event that Sanchez and/or Ozil do choose to stay, the club is similarly stuffed. In order to meet their salary demands, the club will not be able to afford enough purchases to improve the squad in any meaningful way without breaking Premier League salary cap rules - even though a string of players are likely to be removed from the wage bill.

What most people fail to understand is that there is no point Kroenke, or a new owner, pumping extra investment into the club to buy the ‘world-class’ players the club supposedly needs because the salary cap would only prevent the acquisition of said players.

The question everybody now wants to know is, who will the club turn to in order to rebuild the mess that Arsene Wenger has left? Owner Stan Kroenke has three options. Option one is to sell the club while its stock remains high. He is sitting on a huge profit, but denied access to the big money league and with massive commercial deals like Puma and The Emirates (next year) due for renewal, Arsenal’s reconfigured status is sure to hit the company’s valuation hard.

Meanwhile, if Kroenke thinks club level supporters are going to continue paying the highest ticket prices in Europe to entertain corporate guests for Europa League football and sustained Premier League mediocrity, then he’s in the wrong business. Indeed, prices are being reduced as we speak, but it’s doubtful that will be enough to avoid a significant downturn in revenues.

Option two is to sack Wenger in the hope of retaining Sanchez and Ozil. CEO Ivan Gazidis would then be charged with trying to sell them the future by appointing a new high-profile manager and restructuring the club.

The third option is to keep Wenger in his seat, thus guaranteeing statis, or worse, and a further deterioration of the supporters’ trust that will only intensify the counter-productive atmosphere and ever-increasing ill-feeling towards the owner.

For Wenger’s part, the decent and logical thing for him to now do would be to admit his fundamental flaws and walk. However, this man’s ego, arrogance and incompetence are unparalleled. This is not the same person that walked through Highbury’s marbled halls in 1996. His early success has disfigured him, creating a monstrous, loathsome hypocrite who has abused his privilege and persistently tried to manipulate the discourse in order to retain power, status and wealth.

A manager that should be revered by supporters as one of the club’s true greats has been reduced, in my eyes, to a surreptitious coward that only elicits feelings of contempt and revulsion.

Failure is certainly no disgrace, it’s how you fail and how you respond to it. Drunk on his dictatorial power and ego, Wenger refuses to shoulder a single drop of responsibility or accountability, that much is clear, but how will the board view things? The forthcoming FA Cup Final seems like a mere distraction compared to some of the big decisions that need to be made that will no-doubt be imperative to the club’s long-term future.

Personally, I believe that non-Champions League qualification has changed the ballpark considerably. One can only guess at what might happen over the coming months, but walking away with a hefty profit must surely seem an attractive option to Kroenke at this point in time, particularly as that money could be used to help restore his reportedly failing business franchises elsewhere.

As for Wenger, his overblown ego comes first and he’ll do whatever he believes is best for him, not the club. I’m pretty sure that even if Wenger is offered a new contract by the board, he will require clarity on Ozil and Sanchez’s futures before committing. Should they want out, suddenly Arsenal looks a horribly unattractive short-term prospect for any high-profile manager, and Wenger may therefore decide to shift the blame and skulk off to PSG or whatever other club is stupid enough to get saddled with him.

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Fuck, I wish I supported Tottenham.

May 23, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJamie

First, I want to say thank you to Wenger for being so stupid to the point that his ego now walks with him like his shadow. He is more of a bad egg, why would any club even think of getting him to manage them after all the nonsense in recent years? Nowadays, failure to most people is an honourable achievement, so it's no big deal, but he keeps failing like a dumbass. Personally, I don't see him as a manager; take a look at Conte, Klopp, Ernique, even Mourinho to an extent, who have respect in their clubs even when they slip. It's obvious WENGER IS NOT JUST A SPECIALIST IN FAILURE, HE IS A SPECIALIST MORTUARY FOR FAILURES.

As for that fool who has more shares than everyone, ask Gadaffi how far he went. One day yuo will have nothing to say about Arsenal. I pray for you to receive sense and accept the Russian billionaire's offer because if nothing is done now, arsenal will be like a nobody's club.



May 23, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterCeo

AT, I just wanted to sign off on the end of season. You have said for years here, everything that ever needed to be said about Wenger. I have been an Arsenal supporter in rebellion since 1982. I have refused to set foot in the Emirates since 2008, and the reason is that it was apparent then that Arsene Wenger was mailing it in, and spent more time manipulating gullible supporters with lies, than focusing on ways and means of remediating his awful management.

What Arsenal FC has become is abominable under this kleptocratic autocracy. I understand football is a business, so I am not about to have a pointless moan about the global state of casino capitalism or anything, wat I am going to do though, is highlight what a malignant narcissist and a colossal fraud Arsene Wenger is.

I will not go over the repeated footballing humiliations (8-2, 6-3, 10-2 Bayern, 5-1 Anfield, 6-0 Chelski, 3-0 Fat Sam, 3-1 Pulis etc). That part is easy and despite what his last remaining cult worshippers would have you believe, when you suffer the largest league defeat in 125 years and you suffer the largest ever CL humiliation in history, where other part-timers are not conceding TEN, then the blame will always, 100% lie with the coach.

That is how it works at every single sporting entity across the world – except for Arsene Disturbia FC, the only sporting entity in the world where sporting incompetence and tactical ineptitude are blamed on the owner. Unreal.

That Wenger is an epic Loser is well-known, his various quotes such as “I would sign up for 2nd place the next twenty years”, “4th place is a major trophy” and my latest favourite, equating the possibility of a last-gasp Arsenal 4th place finish on the final day, with Aguero scoring that last-gasp winner to give Citeh the LEAGUE TITLE.

It was good to hear the Arsenal fans united in singing against Stan Kroenke because fuck knows why he won’t simply sell the club. The premium from Usmanov is a healthy one and he should sell. However, again, the Arsenal fans conveniently sing about Kroenke as it helps to deflect from the true Villain of this piece, and that is Arsene Wenger.

On Thursday, a journalist invited Wenger to basically confirm that he “built the Emirates”. Wenger went ahead and brazenly said “yes”. Incredibly, he was happy to take all the credit for a stadium that was built based on the investment of the fans who have been attending faithfully for years. Just like that, he shat all over that fact and claimed it as his own, an incredible show of hubristic arrogance. This is in sharp contrast to the same Wenger who was interviewed after the spankings at Palace and WBA, pointedly repeating “it’s about the team, it is not about me”. Funny that!

I would like to remind people that Stan Kroenke, as reprehensible as he is, only became majority shareholder in 2011, so that is 6 years ago. Wenger has been failing in the same incompetent manner for 13 years now – so for those weak in arithmetic, 13 into 6 don’t go. Whose fault was it back then? Aaah yes. The “austerity years” argument, which has about as much credibility as the David Cameron/Osbourne “austerity” lie. You know, that time when everyone had to tighten their belts and expect nothing, apart from the board, Wenger and the players, who saw continuous stratospheric rises in their pay packets. The similarities are uncanny.

And so it has come to pass that after years of arrogantly celebrating 4th place failure, so it has come to pass that the lowest of benchmarks has now not been attained. I was thinking to myself, what makes Arsenal so “special” as a club? And when I say “special” what I really mean, is the perception I have heard from the Emirates faithful that “Wenger cannot ever be sacked, there’s nothing we can do about it”. Arsenal fans’ sanctimonious bollocks means that they genuinely believe Arsenal is a unique case in football, where Wenger is immovable, and where you cannot possibly do things like protest and boycott. That line of excuse-making thinking is usually followed by some nonsense uttered about “class”.

Let me talk to you about the “class” of Arsenal under Wenger. I will ascribe this to him personally, since last week he took personal credit for “building the Emirates”. So if he built it, then this is all on him. “Classy” Arsenal under Wenger. A few facts.

*Arsene Wenger has been rude and dismissive to a club legend like Tony Adams

*Arsenal FC do not even pay their in-house staff that work incredibly hard, the London Living wage. That’s despite raking in the largest matchday income in Europe. That’s ok though, as Arsene Wenger is on £8.5m per year.

* Arsene Wenger has blamed the fans who subsidise his ridiculous salary for his personal failure – Three times in the past year. That is in addition to claiming he “built the club” even though before Arsenal gave him the chance to become a name in Europe, he had been sacked by Monaco and was knocking around on the streets of Tokyo like a washed-up algae.

* Arsene Wenger looked at 20,000 empty seats in the Emirates and flatly said that Arsenal “were sold out”. Tantamount to saying, “so what if the fuckers don’t show up, I still got their money and that’s all that counts”

There is much, much more but I thought the poetic justice of it all was seeing Wenger humiliated on the final day and finishing 5th. This is the man who earns £8.5m a year, has Sanchez and Ozil in his first 11, a £200m wage bill and spent almost £100m in the summer. That is a 100% sporting failure on Wenger’s part and it’s 100% on him.

The funniest part of all is that for all the criticism Kroenke deserves, those figures above are indicative of an owner who gave the manager huge resources to become successful. And what did Wenger do? He finished 5th, behind Liverpool and was dumped out 10-2 in the CL. Oh I forgot, it’s because Koscielny was sent off in that Bayern game. However, as evidently showed in the Everton game, Koscielny (and Arsenal) will “learn” from this. LOL.

I am delighted that Wenger is going to be treading the backwaters of Krasnodar and Servette on a dreary Thursday night because frankly, he has no business being in the CL. Leicester City not only exposed Wenger’s lies about “competing with oil money”, they also managed to outperform his 7-year CL record in just seven months, despite Wenger claiming they would “struggle” in the summer.

Good ol Arsene is always full of advice for superior managers, I mean last week he was warning Antonio Conte that next season “will be a tough one and a fight”. I would imagine Conte felt like Mike Tyson being threatened by Mr Bean. Simply laughable. He always had advice for Pochettino of Spurs, who has of course overseen back-to-back title challenges at Spuds something Wenger hasn’t managed in over a decade) despite having twice the budget.

The reason Wenger is still here and the reason the club is in absolute stasis: feuding owners and potential buyers, battles internally within the board, a manager who has an 87% fan disapproval rating but seems to not give a shit about that, protests etc, the reason Wenger is still at Arsenal is simple: THE ARSENAL FANS WANT HIM THERE. You get the manager you deserve and the humiliation Arsenal are suffering has been long coming.

For years Arsenal fans have watched that manager, Wenger, fail spectacularly but the narrative has constantly evolved to suit the Wenger pleading. 4th place is not, and has never ever been, an achievement. It is failure – it might be relative success for e.g. Swansea, Everton or Palace - but for any team with the gravitas and history Arsenal have, it is failure. Yet, Arsene Wenger decided to one day tell the Arsenal fans that 4th place was a huge achievement and, like that cult in Waco, Texa... guess what? They bought into it! So cue scenes of mass hysteria on the final day as selfies are taken in the St James park dressing room on the final day after a 4th place scrape, a miraculous end of season streak, sees Arsenal claim 3rd place at WBA, oh, and of course, the now infamous virtual “St Totteringhams Day” trophy that Arsenal fans invented, to make themselves feel good about occasionally finishing ahead of a team with half the Arsenal budget.

I’d imagine it would be like Barca showing off about finishing ahead of Espanyol every season, or Bayern having a fan party to celebrate finishing ahead of 1860 Munich. Ridiculous. The numerous humiliations Arsenal have suffered would have seen any other manager sacked but guess what? There was always an excuse, and when you start down that road of legitimising and excusing obvious failure; you end up the embarrassment of the league, a £2bn football club playing in far-flung hovels on a wet Thursday night in front of 20k people. Pathetic.

Arsenal fans have forever sought an excuse to do nothing. Can’t protest “because of class”. Can’t give up season tickets because “someone else will just snap it up”. Yes, as evidenced by the sell-out superstar A-List crowds seen frequently around Arsenal these days, as scores of fans come dressed as empty red seats. The sheer arrogance of believing Arsenal under Wenger is such a huge attraction that people will fight you to have a season ticket is delusion of the highest order – I personally know of people on position 32,000 on a waiting list who have been offered a Season Ticket and have told the club that there is no chance they renew so long as Wenger remains. This does not tally with the excuses we hear from the sheep in the Emirates, desperate to justify a £1,000+ outlay to line Wenger’s pockets.

Wenger’s post-match interview after Everton was the classic mix of blame-shifting (the “difficult environment” apparently harmed his players. Which doesn’t tally with his “mental strength” nonsense eh?). The one comment from him that caught the attention was his “I love this club, you cannot doubt that”

People often asks why Wenger comes up with this tripe but this is because there is an army of gullible, gormless people happy to accept this. An exercise in how brainwashing occurs – to use a crude analogy, there are wife beaters who genuinely love their partners but that will never excuse their wife-beating. Now football is not as serious as domestic violence of course. The context remains important though: Wenger has seen fans fighting in the stands, several raucous protests, fan dissent, repeated failure on the pitch, he is harangued in the media on a daily basis, the atmosphere at the club is toxic. If you love something, surely you let it go in this case. That is the obvious call. Wenger only looks out for himself though, such is the aim of a narcissist. When he talks about “love” it is pure emotional blackmail. The fact he yet again threw out his “I turned down so many clubs” line is laughable, since there isn’t a single Top 4 club that would take Wenger if they were managerless tomorrow.

Arsenal fans have allowed Wenger to become bigger than their club, and by doing that have now backed themselves into a corner. The alternative is to shift the blame now entirely onto Stan Kroenke, which is an odd tactic because when the Arsenal fan group the BSM first started the anti-Kroenke chanting and marching, the sheep in the Emirates were fiercely critical of it.

Remember that all the pathetic know-nothings from Red Action went on protest marches against Usmanov and entirely supported Kroenke’s “self-sustaining model”. More sanctimonious shite then. These very same muppets will turn round and say “Arsene needs David Dein back to help him”, conveniently ignoring that it was Dein who brought Kroenke into the fold in the very first place. The club’s fan base is laughably pathetic and easily manipulated, which is why Wenger has been able to kick back and collect over £8mil every year for over a decade, and claim he’s some self-sacrificing altruist.

Frankly, Arsenal are finished as a club until first Wenger, and then Kroenke, leave. It’s dead. The stadium is now a toxic hotbed, the club has the audacity to charge the highest ticket prices in Europe for a monotonous boring team. Next year will be worse after Sanchez leaves – note that Wenger’s first priority for next season I quote “is to keep this squad together. That is essential”.

That’s right you heard. Arsene Wenger wants to keep exactly the same group of players who have just overseen Arsenal’s worst finish in 20 years and were humiliated in historic fashion in Europe. Yet, you will still hear numpties claim next year will see changes. As for the “structural changes” the club has leaked out? No DoF, it will be a spineless puppet with Arsene’s hand up his rectum like Robert Pires. Steve Bould already fills that role nicely on the bench doesn’t he? If the club were serious about change, all the clown characters like Primorac, PE Teacher Colbert, Gerry Peyton and the head scout that gave us the likes of Sanogo and Xhaka (over Kante no less).

Expect every single one of them to stink the place up next year, as Pires makes Bovril and photocopies for Arsene. No other fans of any club in Europe would tolerate this – but what’s amazing is that Arsenal fans are lining up to pay sky-high amounts to be taken the piss out of. And they will always have lamentable excuses for doing so. There is no passion in that club, Wenger has crushed that. 13 years have been wasted.

In that time Liverpool won an extraordinary CL, A TEENAGE Kasper Schmeichel has come through several leagues and won a PL title, Leicester did the impossible, Juventus have been relegated and come back, won several titles and now stand on the verge of a treble, Fergie retired, Chelski have finished mid-table and come back to win a PL title with a record total of wins, and Spurs have turned into serious title contenders. Next year will be even worse for Arsenal.

Liverpool are an inconsistent team but one thing is for sure, Klopp has said it too: they will use the CL as a springboard to attract a much better caliber of player. Whereas arrogant Arsene used it as a platform to “experiment” with absolute dross like Almunia, Eboue, Denilson, Chamakh, Song, Squillaci, Bendtner etc. Klopp will use it make serious bids for better players. They’ve already bid £65m for M’Bappe – just as an FYI, Arsenal’s record striker purchase still remains the £17m Danny “I can’t control it” Welbeck.

Aston Villa spent more on Darren Bent, and even West Ham and Leicester have spent far bigger amounts on strikers. Antonio Conte got 30 PL wins this season with a squad that he wasn’t entirely satisfied with – he will get even better players next season. Good luck. Pep Guardiola will rid the dross at Citeh: where Wenger “wants to keep” the likes of Ramsey, Giroud, Iwobi, Gibbs and the other assortment of mugs; Pep will ship out the lot and spend a ton. Mourinho we don’t know what he will do (bar blow another fortune) but we do know he cannot have another season like this one, because despite also having money-obsessed American owners, ManYoo have to Win.

The most brilliant piece of karma though, is Pochettino at Spuds. Proving Wenger’s blusterous bullshit about “not being able to compete” when building a stadium. Pochettino has spent a net amount less than £4million since he has been Spurs manager. And he has never lost a game to Wenger, has challenged for the PL title twice (no challenges at Arsenal in 13 years), and has done this with a team entirely made up of young players who are now all worth significantly more than when he took over.

Arsenal will start next season without Alexis Sanchez, and crucially, with a Specialist In Failure in charge. The same man who strung the club along all season and made his contract extension the “saga” that overshadowed the season. What a stunning lack of respect. To compound just what a spineless coward Arsene Wenger truly is though... on the final day of the season, lap of dishonor, Arsene Wenger was too much of a scared coward to go on the pitch and salute the same fans who fund his lavish lifestyle. They were not even worthy of that. He did however, find time to sign Stan Kroenke’s high praises in his post-match interview: I wonder what all the “it’s all Kroenke’s fault” mob have to say about the fact Wenger is 100% behind an owner, most Arsenal fans claim is terrible for their club?

Wenger has manipulated the Arsenal fan-base and they have allowed themselves to be manipulated. It used to be first place. The finishing a distant second wad disappointing, but then winning the FA Cup was nothing but a consolation prize until the realization occurred that the FA Cup is Wenger’s level (and so long as he can face relegated teams in both the semis and finals, as he did both times)…then finishing in the Top 4 was the actual trophy….until Wenger openly said this season “It is not a disaster, we are not 15th”. That slope can continue to slip and Arsenal can very easily be mid-table next season, given the toxic atmosphere and the incredibly poor level of player at the club when added to the lack of tactical coaching or man management.

The Arsenal fans are a reflection of Wenger in a perverse way: never their fault. It’s oil money. Then it was Ferguson who bought referees when he showed you could compete with oil money. Then it was the referees union. Then it was the UEFA conspiracy to keep making sure they drew Bayern or Barca because you know…it’s not as if you are allowed to beat those teams right? Then now it is all Stan Kroenke’s fault.

So there you have it, Arsenal FC has become Arsene Wenger Farcenal FC. The irony was that the sanctimonious, latte-sipping, skinny-jean wearing, ski piste-frequenting, “balanced”, passive Arsenal automaton has spent so long uttering bullshit like “be careful what you wish for”. So now you have a club that is cash-rich but is totally fractured, playing second fiddle to Chelsea and Spurs, and are now London’s third club.

And know what? Come next summer, these same muppets will renew their Season Tickets, continue to frontload millions in cash up front into Kroenke’s pockets, and then ask themselves why Kroenke treats them so contemptibly. Yes I wonder why, these people can keep the club far as I am concerned. For so long many of Arsenal’s idiot fans laughed at Abramovich and Chelsea as “a rich man’s plaything”, but the funny bit isn’t lost on me that Arsenal has now become “a narcissist failure’s plaything”.

At least Abramovich has a successful plaything. Enjoy that club, or cult or whatever it is for you are welcome to it, and I’m certain Wenger has plenty more of that special recipe Failure Sauce where that came fro

May 23, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRaskolnikov

Fair points AT.

The current state of the squad, let alone the endless inept Champions League campaigns and hopeless title challenges, is an absolute disgrace. It's a dereliction of duty more than worthy of contract termination.

On a separate note in relation to the owner, I happened to read an article on the US's changing shopping habits (i.e. Amazon + UPS = lightening dispatch), meaning the out-of-town 'mall model' no longer works and yields are falling.

May 23, 2017 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

I don't see either leaving AT, however much we wish it. Kroenke will still see Arsenal, with our gullible fan base and the seemingly bottomless pot of cash for Premier League rights, as a solid investment and Wenger isn't going to bugger off when Sanchez and Ozil leave as he can conveniently blame them for being disloyal.

Leaving would be to admit defeat and he's not about to do that. You're right to question why any sane person would want to continue in this situation, but we're not dealing with a rational mind here. I don't even think the stratospheric wages he enjoys come into it. There's a warped sense of loyalty about his refusal to give in. He believes that he's the only person who can lead Arsenal successfully in the ethical way that he believes a football club should be run.

You correctly say that a truly loyal person would step aside for the good of the club but he's blind to his failings. Listen to the shite he spouts about "building the stadium" and "making this club" - he would rate himself 10/10 for every season he's managed the club. He's going nowhere.


You're probably right.

Wenger didn't even have the decency to come out and applaud the fans who have been supportive of him. What an ungrateful shit.

May 24, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterChris J

A 10-2 aggregate defeat in the Champions League was also clear grounds for a sacking.

This is what I'm saying AT and Rasko: yes, the manager is an absolute clown these days in virtually every respect, but the owner has been presented with overwhelming grounds to move him on, yet does nothing.

Rasko mentions the owner being majority shareholder for just the last five years; sure but those five years have confirmed - more than ever - the manager's incompetence. His recent failure (to reach the Champions League despite a huge relative wage bill) is simply the latest in a long line of sackable failings.


Let's see what happens in coming weeks. Last chance for Kroenke/Gazidis in my book.

May 24, 2017 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

I salute your patience AT. One more thing: for me the chief exec is not even a competent non-football man. Bloke read Law at Oxford, FFS.

There are multiple sackings to be effected post haste.

May 24, 2017 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

The only surprise is that Wenger hasn't taken the club down faster and further, although should he stay I am sure he will put that right next season!

What's your thinking re the FA Cup final, AT? Will an unlikely victory on Saturday save Wenger's bacon again (as I am sure it did in 2014) or is the result immaterial?

Not sure if I will be watching or not (that says it all really as to where Wenger has taken me re my support of the club). If I do, nearly 50 years of support means I will be wanting Arsenal to win, albeit with that awful thought that a win may mean more of Wenger at the back of my mind.

Not much chance of a win though unless Wenger's incredible luck kicks in again just when it's required.


The result is probably immaterial, although an unlikely victory would enable them to sell the future should they intend to keep him on.

May 25, 2017 | Unregistered Commenter1970Gooner

Good points there AT. I can't see Arsenal beating Chelsea in the final - I'm not even going to watch it. This is what that clown has reduced me to.

Forty-seven years I've followed the Gunners. Forty-seven fucking years. I'm done.

May 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDB10

Hi AT, what do think of Man City signing Bernardo Silva?


Don't know much about him.

May 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterChris J

1970 Gooner: Like yourself, after nearly 50 years of support, I have little or no interest in whether the team wins or loses today. Wenger is the cause of all this shit. The negative atmosphere was caused by his blindness and contempt towards the visible problems that have been evident since 2008. I would not take any advice from this clown (similar to most of the players).

He is the ultimate parasite and the sort of person I detest most in this world. It wouldn't surprise me if Chelsea stuff Arsenal 5-1, but it is also possible Arsenal could turn up and cause a surprise! Whatever the outcome I don't care!!!! I NO LONGER TRUST, HAVE FAITH IN, OR RESPECT HIM AND HOPE AND PREY THAT HE LEAVES SO THAT THE CLUB CAN GET BACK ON TRACK.

May 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterCaptain Pugwash

I find it incomprehensible that there are still those supporters who believe in Wenger. The guy is a disgrace and has systematically destroyed everything that the club stands for. I find him en embarrassment and don't listen to his predictable rhetoric any longer. I not only want him gone, I want him banished from the club for good. He has no shame and deserves no respect.

May 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRELIANT ROBIN

New contract for Wenger then.

May 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterChris J

Does anyone with an IQ in triple digits even give a shit anymore? Watching Arsenal fans yesterday and reading some of the moronic posts on social media (some of which fell just short of cannonising the "great man" for winning a competition that only an idiot thinks is meaningful) I can't help thinking they have the manager they deserve. I'll keep watching next year though as seeing Wenger get schooled by a bunch of pub sides in Europe while he languishes in 6th or 7th place in the league will be hilarious. Can't wait to see what excuses he dreams up then. After blaming the fans this year I'm unsure where he can go next. Maybe ISIS will get a mention.

Oh, and how does Wenger get to decide if his "treatment" by the fans was a "disgrace"? How he deems the largely respectful protests as anything other than the fully justified right of the fans to express their opinion is beyond me. This penis really believes he's untouchable. Which I suppose he is if you look at how Arsenal is currently run. I cannot believe he'll be at the board meeting which will allegedly decide his future. Only at Arsenal. He wouldn't last five minutes at a proper football club.


You're absolutely right, the manager would not be indulged in this way at a proper football club. For me though, Arsenal more closely resembles a hedge fund these days, in the literal sense.

That's to say the club is in the control of investors who are seeking returns which are not directly correlated to the wider economic cycle (e.g. equities). Arsenal then, is basically an investment vehicle for a few very rich people, with a football club attached.

May 28, 2017 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

As per previous post, yesterday's result didn't surprise me. Wenger once again assumes we owe him something, which is a disgrace in itself! Arsenal must keep the Ox. Holding has potential. Still looks as if Sanchez has made his mind up to leave. Body language is too obvious for my liking.

PM had his best ever game in an Arsenal shirt (maybe one game a season is the answer!) So Thursday is D-Day. Let's have a poll!!!!!!!!!!!

May 28, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRELIANT ROBIN

Unfortunately, Marinersmullet that's the case at most clubs (if not all) now. We've imported American capitalism wholesale and, unless you vote in a laughable excuse of a leader next Thursday, there's no going back.

I think this raises a bigger question though. Would we be happy if the club was successful, regardless of the methods used to achieve it? The obvious answer for most is yes, but I still want a club that isn't driven by the sole propose of making the owners and mercenaries in its employ fabulously rich, that isn't detached from the community it was set up to serve and measures its value by its performance on the sporting field.

I'm aware these failures are not limited to Arsenal FC, but can anyone think of a sporting "franchise" anywhere outside of the US that is currently a worse example?

This is it, there are no good guys at the top of anything these days, so it's a case of choosing the least bad, as you suggest.

But at least let us pretend to be a football club.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

May 28, 2017 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet

You lot, the ones writing dissertations on blogs. Sit down, shut up until you can be concise. What recommendations do you have for moving forward as a club? The man has an outstanding win loss record as a manager and has not had the necessary protection other top clubs provide. Sporting directors and the board at arsenal have been going downhill ridiculously over the past 12 years. Look at the system as a whole, it's broken, try starring a broken horse home...

May 29, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGunner for life

Ask yourself this, Gunner for life, since 2006 and the clubs move away from Highbury, have we moved forward? Win/loss records should be based on playing against the top sides at home and in Europe and in this respect, Wenger has failed miserably. The system at Arsenal(if there is one) has been created to benefit only one individual and when that individual continues to disrespect and disregard the majority of fans, who is to blame?

If you are, as you say, a Gunner for life, then at least come out with a few legitimate facts before condoning those who are only speaking the truth. I have been a gooner since 1968 and at no time have I felt so disillusioned and isolated from my club as I do today. Irrespective of Arsenal's 2-1 victory against Chelsea, the only way forward is for Wenger to leave.

May 29, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRELIANT ROBIN

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