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The FA Cup final - a game of endings, probably incl. mine

Arsenal won the FA Cup, congratulations to the players, and those supporters who wanted Arsenal to win. Arsenal finished the season strongly, which they often do. Why? Because when nearly all the other clubs’ seasons are finished, Arsenal are always having to go full throttle to save face.

Arsenal’s 9 wins of 10 does not tell the story of a team reinvigorated by playing in a new system, but of teams up and down the country putting out the deckchairs and putting on the flip flops. In the Premier League, Middlesbrough were down and out, Leicester were safe, Man Utd were weak and exhausted. Southampton didn’t give a stuff and played like it, the same for Stoke, Sunderland and Everton.

Arsenal were lucky to beat Man City in the FA Cup semi-final and were lucky again to score the first goal against Chelsea in the final when Sanchez touched the ball and Ramsey moved towards it, which meant he was offside. I didn't celebrate because I don't care anymore - a tragedy in itself.

Chelsea were not focused because they had been too busy celebrating the Premier League. Maybe the FA Cup has lost its importance, because they didn’t even look match fit and were mentally disengaged. Even so, a dreadful Chelsea – playing with 10 men - equalised because Wenger made the ludicrous decision to put Ospina in goal instead of Cech. A classic Wenger fuck up, the Columbian flapped at Costa’s feeble shot in a way that Cech never would.

But Kante summarised Chelsea’s performance minutes later when he switched off and allowed Ramsey to run past him and head into an empty net. It was Kante’s worst performance for two years.

I’m not saying that Arsenal didn’t play well, because they did, so the trophy was richly deserved, but let’s get real, when all of Arsenal’s opponents are back from holiday and super-motivated again, none of them will play like those Arsenal have faced recently.

The cup final was a game of endings. The end of John Terry and Diego Costa’s careers at Chelsea and the end of Ospina and Sanchez’ careers at Arsenal. Maybe Mesut Ozil too, and hopefully Arsene Wenger.

Today, Wenger met owner Stran Kroenke, and tomorrow there will be a board meeting.  Reading between the lines, because that’s all we can do, I think the board want Wenger out but Kroenke wants him so stay. I say that because Wenger has been flinging mud at the board for not coming out and being more supportive, and Stan is a twat.

So it’s The Board vs The Twat, but if the board loses and Wenger stays I doubt any of them will resign. In big business, prestigious jobs and disproportionate salaries mean a lot more than principles.

If the right decision is made and the disgusting fraud is told to back his bags, I’ll be back next season super-motivated. But if Wenger stays, there’s nothing left to write about for two years. It would also send me a clear message about Arsenal; that the club is corrupt and the wealth of the few is more important than the needs of the many. AFC would be a mirror-image of Tory Britain!

This season I was partially motivated by the thought of Wenger coming to the end of his contract and leaving. If Wenger stays, that motivation will not exist. Obviously, to write a blog you need to be motivated.


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Reader Comments (16)

Good riddance. Your disrespectful and shallow commentary will not be missed.

May 29, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSince 66

9/10 wins, and it's just because our opponents couldn't be bothered? I think we get by now that you don't like Wenger, but that sort of irrational, nonsensical line of reasoning doesn't add any weight to your argument that he should go, no matter how well written.

Calm down. I don't think you'll find that a good run of form, effective adoption of a new formation, and a FA cup final win will have changed anybody's mind about whether Arsene should stay or go; I'm pretty sure the IN and OUT crowd are both too firmly entrenched to allow a 10 game sample to dictate their opinion.

I don't think it has anything to do with him being the right man for the job any more necessarily; I simply think it is a case of whether he is the best manager currently available. If we can entice better, then by all means sign him up, just as is the case with any player in the squad.

Personally, I'm just not convinced there is a better manager available at this time. I hear plenty of names banded around, but there are few of proven quality that would want to leave their cushy jobs for the Arsenal hot seat, when they could wait patiently for a larger budget at one of our rivals, when they inevitably sack their manager for not winning something for a season, i.e. Chelsea/Man CIty/Man Utd.

I think some fans need a reality check, and to understand where we really are in the pecking order of Europe. Being the 4th biggest club in England hardly qualifies us to snap up the best managers in Europe, does it?


Half the managers in the Premier League alone would do a better job at Arsenal than Wenger.

May 29, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterChris

Wenger out? You along with a noisy minority (and be under no illusions you are a minority) have shamed our club. You have embarrassed us. What divine right do Arsenal have to win everything?

Before Wenger we had moments of success but not perpetual success as now. In fact, I would argue that without Wenger we would have been an Everton and no more. Wenger for all his faults has transformed us. There is no doubt he can be infuriating, but over twenty years he has given us real joy.

This year the fans have been a disgrace. Instead of lifting the team we slaughtered them. Instead of supporting the team we humiliated them and ourselves.

Let's look at facts. We have had the most successful twenty years in our history. Fact and there is no dispute about that. I am ashamed to call myself a fan of this club because of these idiots with banners and planes.

Fans of other clubs think we are idiots and rightly so. When he goes let's see if the Wenger out brigade will finally admit that they were wrong. Ask the Charlton fans that wanted Curbishly out whether they would go back in time and punch themselves in the face for the way they thought. They would.

Ask the Man Utd fans that wanted Fergie out in the first few years of his reign and later when he had a little dip and wanted him gone if they regret it. We are a disgrace. We have just won the cup and you sit there writing this drivel. We have lost all respect as a club. Victory through harmony? Our fans should learn our bloody motto and embrace it.


1) I have never said Arsenal have a divine right to win anything, let alone everything. Considering the club's resources, Arsenal should, however, regularly compete for the CL and PL.

2) Based on trophies won, before Wenger arrived Arsenal were the second biggest club in England behind Liverpool.

3) Wenger has been the disgrace NOT Arsenal fans. Fan revolt is a nuanced response to his perpetual arrogance and underperformance as manager.

4) As Arsenal are in decline and out of Europe, with most of its best players halfway out the door, I agree there will be regret when Wenger leaves. Regret that he wasn't sacked a lot sooner.

May 29, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAndreas

In complete agreement. Ultimately, Kroenke (the guy who all the AKBs have been blaming for everything - I suppose the FA Cup win is also down to Kroenke too then right? Or is that only Wenger's then? Hmmmm...) ... Kroenke will keep him.

And as you say, the board members who want him out will overlook this and collect their generous pension pots.

Arsenal will be even further behind next season, however, and the malaise will get even bigger and the club will be an even bigger home for losers and failure.

I won't be back either AT. Congrats to you for writing a thoroughly enjoyable blog. I have no affiliation for this club any more because it's so small time that one guy has become bigger than the institution. A guy with zero European pedigree and no back-to-back titles, go figure.

To sign off, I think this nugget dropped by Wenger in the press tells you everything you need to know: Wenger has told Stan Kroenke to ignore the views of the fans and do "what is right". "What is right", apparently, is one man robbing the club blind of over £9m per annum whilst insultingly talking down the fans, managing expectations to rock bottom and then failing to even meet those very rock bottom expectations.

Wenger is a failure, a fraud and a deeply arrogant egotist who has hijacked what was once a big club and turned it into his person fiefdom of failure. The fans have sat back and watched this fraud erase club legends (Adams, Vieira, Bergkamp - not working at the club), they have watched him numerous times blame the fans for his own personal failure, they have watched him discuss "socialist wage policy" whilst he was being paid more than anyone else at the club; and they've accepted it. Well, I for one will not.

The AKBs can keep their soulless shithole manager and stadium, they can enjoy paying world-class prices to watch Europa League dross and they can enjoy repeat humiliations and more Groundhog day next year. I will not take part in this pathetic excuse for a football club, which as someone once said, is essentially a hedge fund that happens to have a football club as a huge part of its portfolio investment.

Wenger says "ignore the fans". What a "great man of moral goodness" eh? Imagine how long any CEO at any business would last if he said "ignore what the consumers want". In fact... imagine how long that business would last? At Farcenal FC however, this outrageous narcissistic egotism is rewarded by a pay rise and no threat to your position.

I am out. Wishing you all the very best for the future AT. It has been a pleasure reading this blog, by far the most honest and forthright out there, unlike some other arse-kissing blogs out there who sit on the fence and pander to popularity in a bid to get favours from the regime and get their name in bullshit newspapers.


Another legendary post from a legendary commenter - Rasko, you shall be missed. I have no idea in what form this blog will exist should Wenger stay, but it won't be this form. My days of devoting posts to writing about Arsenal under Wenger are definitely over.

May 29, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRaskolnikov

I'm totally with you AT, and it's a lot more than a silent minority who want him out. Sure, the Swedish tourists at the Emirates love him, but you go away and the hardcore are sick of him.

Look at the betting odds for next seasons title, were down in sixth. And as for the FA Cup, in 2012 he came out and put this as his fourth priority - he didn't give a shit about it.

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJelgoon

I will NOT be renewing my membership unless we have a new manager for 17/18 season. The only possible exception is if it's a final one-year contract to give the club time to prepare for Wenger's replacement in the 18/19 season.

Wenger talks about disrespect but most of the protests have been respectful, some even thanking him for what's he done.

We got lucky in the semi-final and final and also with the draws (two non-league sides).

IT amazes how AKBs claim it down to Wenger when we do well, but it's the players fault when it's going badly. AKBs are trying to have their cake and eat it.

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterChris J

I think any sensible Arsenal fan was done a long time ago AT. I can't even remember the last time I wanted the club to win a football match. Let muppets like Since 66, Chris and Andreas have Wenger as their manager, it's all they deserve. If the majority of our fans are too dumb to see when they're being manipulated then screw them, I'm embarrassed to be associated with these fools.

Every year it's the same shit, Wenger spunks millions on a bunch of nobodies, his spineless team folds in the league and has their arses handed to them by the first decent side they meet in Europe before a mini revival has these pricks out in force to defend him. Did someone above really compare Arsenal's current situation to Charlton? How the fuck is the situation at those two clubs even remotely comparable?

I can see why you're done AT, everything that needed to be said has been repeated thousands of times. This blog has been excellent and has been a great place to come and read your excellent analysis while some hope remained.

I've really enjoyed it, so thank you. All the best for the future.

It comes as no surprise that an FA Cup win sees more #WengerIn posts, but they seemed in very short supply a few months ago!

Pre-Wenger, Liverpool were the bigger club, true. But this is a massively skewed statement as today there are 5/6 teams competing as opposed to two, so that's a little bit unfair. In my head, they've done pretty well not to fall away into mid-table. If you look at the trend over the years, this is mostly highly unusual

If the board won't sack Wenger, they could easily make his decision easy. Just appoint a director of football.


Why have Arsenal been lucky not to fall into mid-table? Have you learned nothing about teams regularly over-performing with far inferior resources? There is no basis to your statement. Even Everton have regularly sustained well above mid-table finishes, and their budget has been pitiful until recently.

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterjohn cheese

It's amazing isn't it... how all these clowns come out after an FA cup win, but were conveniently missing in action when we were getting battered 10-2 and embarrassed by Palace etc.???

People like Chris & Andreas seemed to have found their voice all of a sudden. Spitting bile like, "Personally, I'm just not convinced there is a better manager available at this time...", and, "Fans of other clubs think we are idiots and rightly so."

You must be having a laugh!!! Which fans are these?? the Stokes & WBAs?!?!

Let me ask you this:
Name me just one other high-profile manager, across Europe (or even the world), that has lost more games by 5 goals or more, than Wenger has? Just one.

If you guy's are such great fans, why don't you post you utter nonsense in both the sunshine AND THE RAIN. Come on here the next time AFC get embarrassed by Bayern and spout your rubbish then.

You somehow believe that 3 FA cups in 4 yrs and only 1 point of 4th equals a great return, success even... when in reality it's 3 FA cups in THIRTEEN YEARS and EIGHTEEN POINTS FROM TOP!!!

Since the 2007/8 season to date, Arsenal have finish the following number of points from the top position (you know, where you get to say you're champions):

4, 18, 11, 12, 19, 16, 7, 12, 10, & 18

How on this earth can you dress that up as "We have had the most successful twenty years in our history." ????

Now we are forced to look at it as a period of TWENTY YEARS?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Explain that to your 3 year old you want to be an arsenal fan. Please tell us all then what the LAST 5, 10 or even 15 YEARS HAVE BEEN?

"This year the fans have been a disgrace..." REALLY??

Its beyond me how fans of this club willingly give their hard-earnt money to it, STILL!!!

Wenger couldn't even so much as walk around the ground for the last home game of the season... and you call them a disgrace but somehow absolve him?? How many times has wenger had the gall to blame them for the utter shocking performances he's produce in the last few years alone?? How often has he apologised to them or even taken any sort of responsibility. He doesn't seem to have a problem taking the plaudits though does he??

The man is utterly reprehensible (and 'reprehensible' isn't even a strong-enough word)

The truth is, the reason why you support such a man is because you've got no principles concerning decency!! This old man openly disrespects you, abuses you and takes you for a fool... he's a serial offender... and you come back for more, and pay the highest prices in the continent to do so. I'm sorry but that is below folly.

I believe I've come to the end of my love-affair with AFC, after nigh-on 35 YEARS... the club is a farce and I can no longer find fitting words to even remotely describe the incompetence of the manager, the board, nor the owner.

Simply put, If Wenger is given a new contract, I'm done with the club... on principle.

There ought to be a place every man reaches, where his head must rule over his heart.

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMr.J

The only thing that's kept me interested this season was the hope it would be Wengers last. Sadly, a four game domestic tournament (lets not call it six as we effectively had two byes) will be enough to push him over the hurdles to another unwarranted two year contract.

After we'd won the FA cup in 2014, every single AKB was telling us we'd use that win as a springboard to greater success yet three years on. We were also told four years ago that as soon as we can invest in some proper world-class type players we'll see the very best of Wenger and Arsenal. Yet Sanchez, Ozil, Cech and £170m later and we've improved not one little bit.

For my part, I've been on two of the protest marches and in all honesty I've had a far better time on them than I've had supporting a Wenger-led Arsenal over ten years. Sadly, we never pushed hard enough, but at least some of us had a go.

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGaz

He's staying, I'm off to hibernate for 2 years, see you then AT.

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJoe P

ANDREAS/CHRIS: It is you who are deluded. Over the past ten years the vast majority have been against Wenger. In fact, many of the members who left Highbury in 2006 are no longer affiliated to the club. It is people like you who annoy me most. You have been breast fed the Wenger crap and know no better.


Just like AT, my own allegiance will be put on hold!


We always get these cowards dropping in on CL qualification day or FA Cup winning day.

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRELIANT ROBIN

That's it in a nutshell. You have Arsenal supporters and Wenger supporters. We must distinguish between the two. Those that accept the current status quo are what I call the lily livered/PC brigade, consumed by there own self denial and greed. They and Wenger are made for one another!

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRELIANT ROBIN

Looks like he's signed on for another two years, seems to be the noise coming out of the media this afternoon.


Then my association with the club is over.

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterBaldy

"Arsenal manager says FA Cup win should answer questions over future"

Presumably he means we're now a decent cup side, and that's the extent of our ambitions, going forward.

May 30, 2017 | Unregistered Commentermarinersmullet


After approximately 40 years, my association with Arsenal Football Club is suspended indefinitely. The club is no longer worth my time or my energy, even to complain about.

Arsenal FC has been taken hostage by a bunch of leeches only interested in lining their own pockets at Arsenal fans' expense. If you're Wenger Out, my advice is to stop financially supporting Arsenal and find something else to do with your free time. Life's too short to be angry all the time.

The comments section is now closed. This website may or may not remain in place, but is now non-operational. Personal messages can be sent to arsenaltruth@live.com.

My genuine thanks to everyone that has supported Arsenal Truth over the past 8 years. You are the TRUE fans.

May 30, 2017 | Registered CommenterArsenal Truth

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