The FA Cup final - a game of endings, probably incl. mine
Monday, May 29, 2017 at 10:00PM
Arsenal Truth

Arsenal won the FA Cup, congratulations to the players, and those supporters who wanted Arsenal to win. Arsenal finished the season strongly, which they often do. Why? Because when nearly all the other clubs’ seasons are finished, Arsenal are always having to go full throttle to save face.

Arsenal’s 9 wins of 10 does not tell the story of a team reinvigorated by playing in a new system, but of teams up and down the country putting out the deckchairs and putting on the flip flops. In the Premier League, Middlesbrough were down and out, Leicester were safe, Man Utd were weak and exhausted. Southampton didn’t give a stuff and played like it, the same for Stoke, Sunderland and Everton.

Arsenal were lucky to beat Man City in the FA Cup semi-final and were lucky again to score the first goal against Chelsea in the final when Sanchez touched the ball and Ramsey moved towards it, which meant he was offside. I didn't celebrate because I don't care anymore - a tragedy in itself.

Chelsea were not focused because they had been too busy celebrating the Premier League. Maybe the FA Cup has lost its importance, because they didn’t even look match fit and were mentally disengaged. Even so, a dreadful Chelsea – playing with 10 men - equalised because Wenger made the ludicrous decision to put Ospina in goal instead of Cech. A classic Wenger fuck up, the Columbian flapped at Costa’s feeble shot in a way that Cech never would.

But Kante summarised Chelsea’s performance minutes later when he switched off and allowed Ramsey to run past him and head into an empty net. It was Kante’s worst performance for two years.

I’m not saying that Arsenal didn’t play well, because they did, so the trophy was richly deserved, but let’s get real, when all of Arsenal’s opponents are back from holiday and super-motivated again, none of them will play like those Arsenal have faced recently.

The cup final was a game of endings. The end of John Terry and Diego Costa’s careers at Chelsea and the end of Ospina and Sanchez’ careers at Arsenal. Maybe Mesut Ozil too, and hopefully Arsene Wenger.

Today, Wenger met owner Stran Kroenke, and tomorrow there will be a board meeting.  Reading between the lines, because that’s all we can do, I think the board want Wenger out but Kroenke wants him so stay. I say that because Wenger has been flinging mud at the board for not coming out and being more supportive, and Stan is a twat.

So it’s The Board vs The Twat, but if the board loses and Wenger stays I doubt any of them will resign. In big business, prestigious jobs and disproportionate salaries mean a lot more than principles.

If the right decision is made and the disgusting fraud is told to back his bags, I’ll be back next season super-motivated. But if Wenger stays, there’s nothing left to write about for two years. It would also send me a clear message about Arsenal; that the club is corrupt and the wealth of the few is more important than the needs of the many. AFC would be a mirror-image of Tory Britain!

This season I was partially motivated by the thought of Wenger coming to the end of his contract and leaving. If Wenger stays, that motivation will not exist. Obviously, to write a blog you need to be motivated.


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