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FFP forces AC Milan into risible Torreira bid

Follow the smoke. For a little too long we’ve been hearing rumours of Lucas Torreira being unhappy - not specifically with Arsenal, but living in England.

His agent is Oscar Bentancourt who represents a host of Uruguayan players, although Torreira is by far the most valuable asset on Betancourt’s books. A move would therefore enable the agent a second jackpot commission in just over 12 months.

According to calciomercarto.com, AC Milan are definitely on the lookout for central midfielders, and that reasoning appears fairly sound upon examination of their squad. Milan’s midfield is ageing. Stalwart midfielders include Lucas Biglia (33), Riccardo Montolivo (34) and injury prone Giacomo Bonaventura, who only managed eight games last season.

The Italian club’s two main central midfielders are Tiemoue Bakayoko and Franck Kessie. However, Bakayoko is currently on loan from Chelsea and was initially labelled a “disaster” despite managing 31 games for the club last term.

Meanwhile, AC Milan are in danger of losing the highly rated Franck Kessie due to FFP regulations. The club is in trouble with UEFA and could be forced into accepting an outrageous bid, with the supposedly unsettled Torreira considered a ‘cheap’ replacement. This scenario gives credence to Milan’s risible €38m offer, should Arsenal/Torreira first accept a two-year loan deal.

Torreira’s former manager Marco Giampaolo has recently been appointed manager of AC Milan making the club an attractive destination for the player should he hope to return to Italy.

Personally, I don’t see this moving happening as AC Milan’s bid is far too low. IMO Arsenal should not accept a bid under £55m, which would be too much for the cash-strapped Italian club unless they receive a massive bid for Kessie. Milan are also looking towards Jordan Veretout (Fiorentina), Lorenzo Pellegrini (Roma) and Dennis Praet (Sampdoria) as cheaper options.

Of course, Arsenal hold all the cards as Torreira has not kicked up too much of a stink, yet. The Uruguayan has previously complained he doesn't like the weather or speak English. The first would be a stupid excuse, the second shows a lack of commitment to life in England.

Despite Arsenal Truth considering Torreira to be Arsenal’s ‘Player of the Season’, the squad set a pretty low bar and his fitness issues have rendered him inoperable for too many games. Next season won’t be helped by his participation in this summer’s Copa America, therefore I believe a bid in the region of £55m would be acceptable if it helps the club rebuild.


Arsenal Truth can be found on twitter @ https://twitter.com/trutharsenal

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Reader Comments (9)

Sound enough logic AT but I don’t think the club should consider selling one of the few capable players on the books. I know he had his share of injuries last year but the first year in the premier league is always tough for overseas players and carrying the rest of the midfield at times did not make adapting any easier. We should be looking to shift Xhaka and trying to get some real muscle in to supplement a player like Torriera.

Oh, Torriera has only started one of Uruguay’s 3 games (against Japan???? Wtf?) in the Copa America but unsure if that’s because of fitness or because he isn’t first choice.


Obviously there's players I'd rather sell ahead of Torreira - almost the whole team. However, DMs are ten a penny and if Arsenal can't shift players this summer £55m would be too good an offer to turn down IMO. You could buy three good players with that and Arsenal would be better off as a result.

June 25, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGunnergettheresomeday

Do you think anyone's indispensable at this point? I look at the squad and even the better players aren't exactly amazing. Say if good bids came in for either forward, do you think we should accept and reinvest? Is that how dire our situation is?


The situation's dire if we can't offload the players we want to get rid of. That means there would be very little room to supplement the squad, so an asset might have to be sold in order to reinvest.

June 25, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterhenry8


Torreira clearly wants to go back to his comfort zone in Italy. Might as well cash in. Looking at our main targets, Tierney, Saliba, Carrasco etc. are not really gonna improve us anyway.

Looks like it will end in tears for Emery. Fans frustration and the likes of Ozil/Auba with their subtle digs at Emery on social media and Torreira leaving. He has a huge problem with losing the dressing room next season is he can't turn it around.

Only a miracle, like finishing 5th and City getting banned, will save his job. It makes me appreciate Klopp and how he turned such a poor mid-table squad to the best team in Europe.

It's not really Emery's fault. He is just not an elite manager, just a good coach who can manage mid-table clubs.

On another note, I actually think Emery was a fall guy like Moyes was. It was always their intention to change him after two years. As for new coaches, what do you think of Vieira? He is obviously developing into a capable manager.

Or other promising coaches like Southgate, Arteta, Eddie Howe, Nuno?


Your making a lot of unsubstantiated claims. For a start, there's no evidence Torreira is unhappy. There's evidence that AC Milan made a bid, but it's a pathetic bid so I wouldn't pay any attention to that.

Losing the dressing room? Where do you get that idea? Complete nonsense.

Emery was probably as good as Arsenal were going to get for a sixth place PL team. If he's dumped, what makes you think we'd get a superior manager? The names you mention are laughable. Emery's record in Spain destroys anything they've achieved.

Whether he's good enough for Arsenal long-term is another matter, but he deserves more time considering the shitfest he inherited.

June 25, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGooner

In football terms, we allegedly haven't got two pennies to rub together so should look to integrate those younger players who look as though they might have a modicum of discernible talent: Nelson, Smith-Rowe, maybe even Medley. Hopefully Mavropanos will make a step up this season as Mustafi is unlikely to be bought - who would buy him?

We are in a dire situation, but I'm not with the myopia of those fans who say Kroenke hasn't spent or doesn't spend the cash. As thus:

16/17 season: circa £100m on the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez and Holding
17/18 season: circa £100m on the likes of Lacazette and Aubameyang
18/19 season: circa £73m on the likes of Torreira, Leno, Sokratis and Guendouzi

Approximately £273m over three seasons is a significant outlay and commensurate to a club the size of Arsenal. The fact that, optimistically, 50% of it has been invested in players who are not good enough for a club like Arsenal is not the fault of Kroenke. It is down to the previous regime of Gazidis and Wenger.
Emery bought what he could with what he had and rightly looked to strengthen the spine of the team.

Whilst none of Leno, Torreira, Sokratis and to a lesser extent Guendouzi have been a resounding success they were expected to drag the club into the top four, in their first season, and very nearly did so - bar a horrific end to the domestic season. The EL Final was an embarrassment and all should have hung their heads in shame.

If Emery can remove some of the dross - even if by taking a huge loss on Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil (hell will freeze over first) and getting them off the wage bill - and supplement the defensive areas of the team with the likes of Tierney, we may find ourselves in a steady state with a season of consolidation, better off cash wise and in a position to begin to rebuild.

This would be the true test of Emery's capabilities, not last season where his brief must have been to tread water. My personal opinion is he made the best of a bad situation, perhaps even slightly surpassing initial expectations.


Getting players off the books at a loss will not help the club buy players because there's not enough free cash available. What it does do is stop the wage bill spiralling out of control and allows space to bring players in within STCC limits.

If Arsenal can't command fees for offloading players, they'll have no other choice but to sell assets in order to strengthen the team.

Bringing in young players is all well and good, but I predict that if they're not working out after 10 games Emery and the board will get hammered. Fans love to see young players come through, but are rarely willing to wait for them to mature - and there's no guarantee that they will.

Under Wenger, the vast majority of players promoted from the academy failed. The only 'youth' that succeeded were the ones he poached from other clubs' academies where loopholes allowed them to be, basically, thieved in broad daylight for low fees if you could convince them (and their parents) of first team football and a grossly exaggerated salary.

June 26, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterAJL

AT, what's the point of spending £30m on 18-year-old Saliba and loaning him back when we need quality defenders now and we are skint? All these embarrassing bids from Milan proves he was the reason for our incompetence and not Wenger.

So mate, Wenger was not dictator you all thought he was. Gazidis was the CEO and had all the power. It's obvious he was signing players over Wenger's head. StatDna signings, Welbeck, Ozil's contract, which Wenger opposed, were are all Gazidis things which he hid under Arsene.

I feel sorry for Arsene, as with a competent CEO he would have done far better last decade. Who do you think is the worst CEO in football? Gazidis or Woodward?

Feel sorry for Arsene. The clown Gazidis ruined his reputation.


If Arsenal are spending £30m on Saliba and sending him back on loan, it's likely the transfer payment would be delayed until 2020, and even then, amortised over the duration of the contract - so the initial fee would be far smaller.

Do you seriously believe a club with such a paltry transfer pot would blow nearly all of it on an 18-year-old that wouldn't arrive until the following season?

It's true that Wenger wanted Welbeck on loan initially, but the cheap valuation convinced him to sanction the deal.

On Ozi, Wenger claimed: "When you let a player go you have to buy somebody of the same calibre and if you add the wages needed it will be similar. On top of that we have to pay a transfer. So overall I think [re-signing] Mesut for us was the cheapest option."

There's no evidence that Gazidis made these signings (if any) without Wenger's authorisation, so stop making stuff up.

June 26, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGooner

AT, that's what I meant re removing Ozil et al. It would be as a loss cash wise and the initial investment poor, but it would enhance the wage budget and give a bit more freedom in terms of budget allocations. I guess it's 'cut your losses' situation and plan a more pragmatic rebuild.

Agreed re fans and a lack of patience with youngsters. They'd have to hit the ground running, show maturity beyond their years and keep that traction going with minimal blips.

June 26, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterAJL

Gnabry's a good example of how long it can take to mature, from Arsenal and West Brom reject to voted Bayern's best player at 23. If we do bring through youngsters like Nelsen, we have to accept that it can take time, and that's even if they make it, but we all know they won't be afforded that time.

These youngsters will be given as much time to succeed as Emery.


Very true. Stable mid-table clubs can afford to hone young talent, clubs expected to challenge for CL or PL can't afford weak points.

June 26, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterhenry8

Very good point Henry8, but sometimes youngsters do make it at big clubs. Alexander-Arnold, Gomez and Rashford are good, but admittedly rare, recent examples. I don’t believe it’s the way we should go. 5th place last year shows this squad isn’t completely without hope (even though there isn’t a single player I’d be sad to see leave) so maybe Emery just needs to slowly get rid of the filth and attempt to add some strength when he can.

June 28, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGunnergettheresomeday

Hi AT. Have you seen Arsenal fan Swiss Ramble's latest post?

If you haven't (I assume you have) it is well worth the read. It is outstanding financial analysis and it actually simply serves to reiterate all the points Arsenal Truth has been making for many, many years - and also serves to show what a foolish bunch of clueless, gullible, easily-defrauded jokers Arsenal match-attending fans are. The analysis is patently clear:

* Wenger was never "hamstrung by the stadium move"
* Arsenal had more cash than everyone else back around 2010-2013. They were in a superb position to go out and spend big on players when their was still value in the transfer market. Wenger simply refused to, because his pathetic ego dictated that no player should earn more than him, and he thought AFC money was his own. Clown.
* The explosion of TV rights money means it has never been harder for big clubs to poach off smaller ones. Whereas there was a time the big 4 clubs would simply bully the smaller ones... the smaller ones are now themselves spending £35m on players. Look at Arsenal's pursuit of Zaha? Palace are saying they want £80m and they mean it! Had this been in 2012, Arsenal could have bullied Palace and got him for £40m
* Wenger and Gazidis' bollocks lies about "keeping our powder dry" after every failed summer window where the club did fuck all, was a HUGE exercise in recklessness and borderline fraud. It now shows it made ZERO sense, as AT said all along, to "keep your powder dry" - not now when player valuations are through the roof, and teams like Palace are asking £50m for Wan-Bissaka (one-season wonder), Southampton got £75 for VVD (though he is worth every penny and more) and Swansea could command £50m for Sigurdsson from Everton. Arsenal had a HUGE chance when they had all that cash sitting in the bank, to go out and sign the top players, while Arsenal was still a CL club that was attractive to join. But oh no, Arsene Wenker and his "values" (i.e. trouserung coin for himself)
* Swiss Ramble also shows beyond a reasonable doubt that despite this, Wenger not only wasted a whole heap of cash on absolute dross with no resale value (Mustafi and Ozil come to mind, Welbeck)...but that Wenger's player sales are pathetic compared to the likes of Liverpool, who extract max value for their players (see Solanke for £20m, Benteke for £30m, their reserve keeper for £20m, Jordon Ibe for £20m etc - or Chelski £120m for Hazard).

The Swiss Ramble thread is magnificent and it confirms absolutely everything AT has said for years, when the mornic AKB brigade simply could not countenance any criticism of their Lord and Saviour Arsene Wenker. Well. Welcome to the big-time! Thursday night football, huge wage bill, wastrel clowns like Ozil you couldn't donate to a food bank, half empty stadium, shite players, dead stadium that looks dated compared to e.g. Spuds, and no pulling power.

Arsene Knows all those years eh and was "making sure the future is bright". LOL
Look at the absolute shitheap of a club he left!!!!


Thanks Rasko, good stuff. I did see Swiss Rambles analysis and a post will shortly follow.

July 1, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRaskolnikov

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