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Koscielny defecates on his already tainted reputation

Personally, I never liked him and never rated him. In Koscielny’s own words upon joining the club: "It took me four years to go from the bench of Ligue 2 to Arsenal, so it is a great achievement. But it is just the beginning; I haven't proved anything yet."

And he never did. In his nine seasons at the club, Koscielny only proved two things – he was a bang average centre back and nothing like captaincy material. His communication skills are akin to a French mime and he’s been a self-imploding joke in big games from day one.

He owes Arsenal everything. The club plucked him from French Ligue 1 obscurity, made him wealthy beyond his dreams and all he gave back in a decade was two crummy FA Cups against relegation-threatened Hull and Aston Villa.

Today, we learn Koscielny didn’t fancy going on Arsenal’s pre-season tour. He wants to go home to France where he can see out his lame career in obscurity at mid-table Bordeaux or Rennes. He has a year to run on his contract and has demanded the club free him of his ‘obligation’.

The fact of the matter is, Koscielny signed a contract and is obliged to see out that contract. If a club feels a player is a monetary asset, why should they let them go for free? Especially in Arsenal’s case, where – partly due to Koscielny’s embarrassing showing in the Europa League final – the hierarchy needs to maximise income from player sales.

Koscielny should respect the club’s decision and accept it; instead he’s thrown his toys out the pram and boycotted the club.

For Arsenal, this embarrassment is the last thing they need. The board are struggling to clear up the Gazidis/Wenger cataclysm and, over the past 12 months have tried hard - along with the manager - to foster an environment of unity at the club. Edu has only just been appointed technical director, and it’s important that everybody is at least seen to be pulling in the same direction. The timing of Koscielny’s decision is therefore utterly selfish and incongruous.

Last October, Koscielny bitterly complained that he was forgotten by France during his seven-month recuperation from a serious Achilles injury. Then what loyalty has he shown the club that nursed him through his injury hell? Such hypocrisy is beyond the pale.

Little wonder then the board are both furious and in no mood to compromise. They should be congratulated for throwing Koscielny under the bus rather than covering up his demands and allowing him to sneak out through the back door.

In terms of Arsenal’s rather pointed statement, rather than it being the impetuous act that some are trying to assert, it shows a refusal to be bullied and a clear signal that they won’t tolerate the sense of self-entitlement that’s been sown into numerous individuals under Wenger’s watch.

Hopefully, the club will discipline, find a buyer and then dump the basket case in due course.


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Reader Comments (12)

For many years these types of incidents at Arsenal would have been covered up with 'player X has a hamstring injury and can’t travel’ etc. Too much of a coincidence this new approach happens just a couple of days after Edu parachutes into town. Change is happening.


No doubt Koscielny thought they'd cover it up - big mistake!

July 11, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterhowesi

Can't be bothered to say much on this, because this column says it all, and Koscielny's barely worth it.

What I will say is, if Arsenal were to grant Koscielny a free transfer this summer and he ended up at a club like Lyon and put in some good Champions League performances for them while we were slumming it on Thursday nights, the negative faction of the fanbase would be spitting bile about how "weak and spineless" the club were for letting him go so cheaply.

Arsenal cannot win with these people.

They've done the right thing with Koscielny. The only shame is we should've upgraded on him years ago. The fact that this guy who we plucked from Ligue 2 in 2010 is still our best defender sums up what a wasted opportunity the last decade has been.


Trust me, he won't be putting in good Champions League performances for anyone.

July 11, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterkaius

I fell in love with everything about this post. How can he just behave in such manner after years of tolerating his incompetences. He has never been outstanding for us.

This is the height of insult that a player can give back to a club that stood by him. It is very embarrassing and a shame from him.

July 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterSamuel

Hear hear, bravo, AT again smashing it out the park. What else is there to say AT? Honestly it is just absolutely disgraceful the rotten depths Arsene Wenker enabled this club to plunge. The grand Arsenal FC, being treated like some mid-table nursery by a piece of shit nobody like Koscielny. A guy who was rinsed out by relegated Birmingham in a league cup final, never won a league title, never won a European trophy, in fact never even PLAYED in an international tournament. A nothing player, a nobody, thinking he can treat Arsenal like THEY owe him. Look at the sense of self-entitlement we have seen form so many?

Ozil, hugely overpaid, on £350k p/w, insults the manager after playing like shit in a European final. Is total shit for Germany in the WC and crafts laughable excuse it's because of "racism" (and errr, nothing to do with him being shite eh)

Look at clowns like Wilshere who took the piss out of the club for years, constantly injured but taking the piss on social media. Ditto Diaby. Look at Walcott, who came out after a PL game 2 seasons ago and actually said "we just didn't fancy it, the other team wanted it more. We weren't really up for it".
Just look at the kind of culture where serial Losers and failures are constantly rewarded for their pathetic failure with fat new Galactico contracts. No wonder Koscielny thought he could treat the club this way! He has been led to believe by a significant portion of Arsenal's idiotic contingent of brainless fans that he is some world-class defender, up there with Adams and Baresi. Guy is barely as bloody good as Phil fuckin Senderos (another nobody nothing piece of shit who sat around, made himself very rich at Arsenal's expense, despite being total garbage).

It is absolutely shocking the depths to which Arsenal FC have plummeted - it would be one thing for Neymar, or Ronaldo or M'Bappe or even RVP, to be doing this to Arsenal. But KOSCIELNY??! Wow.
I think the only thing more pathetic than this is to see the usual "brain trust" of AKB mongs who spent summer after summer under Wenker's dismal failure, pleading for "patience" after every failed transfer window...you know the ones: Arseblog, Le Grove etc...watching these unintelligent, shallow, almost Trumpian in their stupidity mugs throwing their toys out the pram for KOSCIELNY, is just pure comedy gold. Any excuse to pipe up and pretend the world has gone to shit because their dearly departed Lord Wenker has left! Oh by the way - has the "top manager" Arsene Wenker found a job in elite European club football yet? Oh what's that? STILL unemployed?! Wow! Maybe he just enjoys sitting next to Jose Mourinho, chatting dribbling shite about the Champions League - a competition he should never be allowed to give an expert opinion on, given his serial failure in it. He's got as much winning CL pedigree as the manager of Apoel Nicosia FFS. Least Mourinho has won the thing (twice as it goes).

I think what's especially instructive with pathetic AKB mongs like Arseblog, is that all of us have memories that can remembers how Arseblog instantly blamed RVP, blamed Cesc, blamed Nasri etc...when the players - rightly may I add - decided they wanted to leave the unambitious directionless shitshow Wenger was overseeing, to go and win league titles elsewhere (and guess what? Every single one of them went on to win PL titles). We all also remember how Arseblog blamed Ashley Cole and abused him publicly for Cole's decision to go and win every single domestic trophy AND the CL at Chelski. Yeah, what a twat, why on earth did he leave!!!!

But...all of a sudden, a nothing player who is finished due to his achilles, and who has been dogshit for several years, and failed in every big game, and been a fixture of every single recent Arsenal thrashing (think Anfield, think 6-0 Stamford Bridge, think the various Bayern thrashings like the 10-2, etc)....all of a sudden, the likes of Arseblog are placing ALL the blame on the club, on Sanllehi, on Emery etc. It's so so transparent what morons like this are doing. As I said it's all so Trumpian, and reminds me of how those MAGA morons will pipe up the minute a Democrat says a single tiny thing, but are perfectly happy to overlook all the vile, unacceptable things Republicans do and say.

It really is so pathetic at this point but hey, the de-Wenkerification of AFC needs to continue. Koscielny is yet another symptom of the Wenger years of failure so let him go. Good. I would stick him in the reserves actually for the entire season - he won't be missed. Make an example of him - and to him I would add the absolute overpaid fuckwits like Mustafi, Jenkinson, Ozil and Calum Chambers etc. A bunch of mouthy, useless, overpaid, social media warriors who talks a lot but deliver absolutely nothing, and are standing jokes in the game today.

Once every single last Arsene Wenger Loser toy soldier is gone, as I have forever said, the club can progress. If we could also lose some of the "fans" who are not Arsenal fans but are actually "Ozil fans" or "Arsene fans", even better. Every single one can piss off and Arsenal might return to what it once was: a serious club, competitive on the pitch, with real professionals on the field, a serious structure, that is concerned with football primarily.

Arsene Wenger turned this club into a badly run joke. FInancially reckless, left the club a ridiculous wage bill higher than Spurs, spent almost £400m in his final five years at the club, wrote off a number of flops in the transfer market, pocketed huge wages for himself and a fat payoff when he was sacked. Funny that, the "man of principle" who "hates money in football" and "is concerned about the financial future of this club" (which was the excuse he always gave for not buying proper players in the transfer market, even though we know the real reason is he was too shit a manager to handle big egos who would challenge him and his pathetic methods)...

The de-Wenkerification of AFC will take time but Koscielny is one of the totems of Arsene Wenger failure. The other is Ozil, and the holy trinity is finished by Mustafi. Every single one needs to leave ASAP

July 12, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRaskolnikov

Disagree with you. Think Kos was a quality defender dragged down by the dross he’s had to play with at AFC. He won 50 odd France caps and would be a World Cup winner if it wasn’t for that injury in Madrid last year. Think the club should grant him a free transfer and say thanks for nine years good service and 300 appearances. In the days when we had class that’s probably what we would have done.


If they'd played that bumbling clown in the World Cup they would have lost it.

July 12, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGooner

Don't blame him. Hes old, injury prone and surrounded by shit defenders (like him). Arsenal expects him to carry central defense with sfa support. Where are the phuckin defensive signings? Nothing's changed since Wonger left. And Ozil has pulled sickies and played hooky for years and got away with it, even still getting the captaincy.

The Club is becoming a joke and sinking; he's a rat jumping off.

July 12, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterDeTrump

Ornstein: Given that head coach Unai Emery was happy with Koscielny's performance and already faces other issues in central defence, the view was that he could only go if a bid landed that reflected his value and importance to #AFC

Mark Irwin journalist of The Sun: Arsenal will fine Koscielny 2 weeks wages, strip him of the captaincy and make him train with the kids. #Arsenal are refusing to tear up his contract. Emery still regards the club’s longest-serving player as his best defender and wants him to stay.

What do you think of Emery's views on Koscielny as his best defender, being happy with his performances last season and wanting him to stay AT?


What he says and what he really thinks are two different things. If Arsenal had the funds to replace Koscielny, he'd be out the door in a flash.

July 12, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGooner

He's not as bad as you or some in the comments have stated. The major problem was that he was never a lead centre-half. Had he played with a commanding partner, he'd have been fairly useful. That said, I'll be glad to see the back of him as he's synonymous with the club's decline.

July 12, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJimmy B

Just a question, AT but do you think there is the possibility of Wenger returning as manager. If things go badly, which they surely will looking at our complete lack of any plan or new signings and then Emery is pushed, will Kroenke turn to his best mate in football, Wenger, to dig us out the mess and try to get 4th place, which was his speciality. I mean, he still hasn't taken a job anywhere. The whole thing about Unai having a 2-year contract break and Wenger having not taken a job yet. There is a chance right?


No. Move on.

July 12, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGooner

Arsenal should tell Koscielny he has three options - be sold, see out his contract or pay the club the remaining amount left on his contract (any bonuses would be forfeited), which can be done in instalments if he wishes.

He should also be sacked as Captain.


I'd imagine that seeing his contract out is no longer an option.

July 12, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterChris J

AT have you seen that “open letter to Stan Kroenke” from a bunch of bloggers? What do you name of it? My personal view: if I was Stan Kroenke I would simply laugh, wipe my arse with it and scrunch it up! What a bunch of utter losers, the list of bloggers is a Who’s Who of AKBs (hi Arseblog, Arsene’s Son) and retarded cranks like eg Le Grove. It’s absolutely laughable.

Just a quick reminder AT: Arsenal’s serious decline began in 2010. Arsenal dabs saw their team lose 8-1 and go several years without a trophy, whilst selling off all their best players as Wenker and Kroenke trousered the profits. They were fine with this, and kept renewing their STs in record numbers, paying the highest prices in Europe for doing so. There was never a serious protest (apart from an anti-Usmanov, Pep-Kroenke one lol!)

Suddenly - as if by complete “coincidence”, a bunch of nobody bloggers all trying to be famous and pimp out some PR for their semi-literate rubbish sites, have waited until the first post-Wenger season to finally grow a set of balls?! What changed? How come they were all soooo afraid to criticise before! Oh right. Their beloved Messiah Arsene has left, and they’re pretending that Arsenal’s ineptitude in the transfer market, the poor players, the shocking overpaid wage bill, the lack of competitiveness and lack of ruthlessness is, errrrm, a “new” phenomenon! Hahahaha.

Seriously I know you wouldn’t ever slate these bloggers AT but I can: what a bunch o weak, supine, spineless, self-serving AKB cretins. Don’t get me wrong, Kroenke is a fucking terrible club owner and I want a proper one. What I will not ever accept though, is a bunch of spineless AKBs ego are massively responsible for the decline of the club through their sheer inaction, and refusal to ever criticise their Messiah - suddenly acting like it’s the Arab Spring and they are these revolutionary voices being brave and standing up. Bollocks!!!! These same morons sat back, happy-clapped Wenger for a decade-plus of failure, never a protest, never a peep out of these comedians.

Suddenly they’re trying to make a name for themselves? Please! What are they gonna do about it if Kroenke ignores them? Why, nothing. Because they’re spineless pussies and Kroenke already knows how weak and submissive they are! He’s been taking the piss out of them since 2007 yet TWELVE YEARS later, suddenly, these jokers decide “oh look it isn’t going well”? Why? We’re things going superbly before? No. This is the AKB Wenker vanguard trying to overthrow the new regime and bring their Loser out of exile (the still-unemployed Loser can’t get a job).

Fucking pathetic and just more proof of what a farce Arsenal fans are.


Thanks Rasko, I'll read it and get round to writing something.

July 15, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRaskolnikov

The club is run by a bunch of idiots wasting our time chasing an injury prone LB from SPL and an 18-year-old defender who has played 16 games who will go on loan when we we need new centre backs and defensive midfielders.

FFS, these lot want to keep the finished Koscielny. God, so sick of the club. Even my positivity is gone. Kroenke needs to go instantly.


Why, he's not making any of these decisions and another owner would delegate exactly the same responsibilities.

July 15, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGooner

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