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Open letter to Kroenke is 10 years too late

Arsenal blogdom is up in arms #wecaredoyou. They’re fed up because the club has slid into perpetual mediocrity and are now complaining to owner Stan Kroenke. The mediocrity we see today is the same mediocrity we’ve been witnessing for over a decade, so it seems strange that supporters have finally decided enough is enough in 2019 after significant changes in personnel have been implemented in an attempt to arrest the slide.

NINE years ago, I warned this would happen following a farcical shareholder Q&A where Arsene Wenger responded to hand-picked questions. Back then I wrote:

To me, this sums up Arsenal in 2010. A club that espouses traditional values, using fake key words such as community/respect/family club/values, but in reality is very much the opposite - an untrustworthy corporate machine that is only interested in controlling and manipulating its customers and shareholding representatives.


No transparency, no communication, no right of reply - shareholders are not treated as part owners of the club with a full right to voice their opinion, but minority stakeholders that ask difficult questions - pests, a nuisance, a pain in the arse!

With Octobers AGM likely to be similarly staged, it's clear that there is now no active communication between the supporters and the board/Arsene Wenger. That right has been denied because the club is going through a trophyless period, which is rendered beyond criticism. 

It's a farce, and it's dangerous. It's makes people feel disconnected from the club, suspicious about its activities and it fragments loyalty. It's also short-sighted, and potentially counter-productive. I already question whether Arsene Wenger is the man to continue to take Arsenal forward, but I now question Chief Executive Gazidis too. Are these the sort of control freaks you want running the club? Decide for yourselves.

I pointed at the downwards trajectory of the club, but whilst Kroenke is the owner and ultimately responsible for the shambles it’s been reduced to, let’s not forget who wasted the huge resources at their disposal and put us in this position.

Had Wenger and Gazidis made a success of the perfectly acceptable cash mountains they were enabled access to, I very much doubt anyone would give a toss about Kroenke’s £2m dividend, supposed lack of interest or "safe standing". He entrusted individuals to run the business and they failed him, badly. Fortunately, those individuals have now left.

At the time, most of the blogs on that little list sat on the fence and supported Wenger to the hilt while the dimwit burnt the club down. Now they’ve suddenly decided they don’t like having to live within their means despite wearing that ideology like a badge of honour while Wenger tanked the club.

I'm not defending Kroenke per say – his laissez affaire attitude stinks, but the ship has sailed has it not? Due to FFP and STCC, all clubs have begrudgingly been forced to move to a self-sustaining model – those who don’t are being dealt with. Therefore, I don’t really get what people expect from Kroenke at this point – it all seems, dare I say it, too fucking late.

A new owner could put his hand in his pocket to a small extent, but not enough to make Arsenal competitive again assuming throwing money at the problem is the solution - a dubious solution considering three of this year’s Champions League semi-finalists achieved that through a self-sustaining model.

Personally, I fail to see how anything tangible would change under a new owner at this point. The fans didn’t have a say BEFORE Kroenke took full control of the club, they were just given the illusion of having a say. Is that what it’s all about - fans wanting the illusion of a say?

They claim Kroenke’s approach to buying players looks uncoordinated and is lacking in strategy, yet a new board was only put in place one year ago and Edu was appointed technical director last week. How quick do they think change can be affected?

“The Emirates is soulless” Erm, isn’t that the fans job - you know, to make a noise? I find that sort of thing is indigenous to some extent. How do said blogs propose Kroenke stops fans leaving 10 minutes early every week to get a comfy tube seat?

As for the European Super League, I’ve no idea why that’s been bolted on when there’s no evidence it will even happen. To date, it’s been universally condemned and the Premier League and Bundesliga look set to block this motion, of which the clubs appear largely supportive – a position Arsenal CEO Venkatesham affirmed in November.

So what’s all this really about? Just frustration it seems, albeit 10 years too late. Their rage should have been turned on Kroenke when it was obvious Wenger was seriously underperforming and there was £200m sitting in the bank doing nothing while the fraud lied through his teeth playing the Premier League vagrant.

Or maybe they simply hope Kroenke will feel embarrassed and pull £50m out of the back of the sofa to buy Zaha. But that’s not going to make Arsenal competitive in the long term.

If you really want rid of Kroenke, stop going to the games and stop buying merchandise. Start tomorrow or go away. And if you’re going to protest, make it a better one than the Wenger Out protests that were largely ridiculed by the very same people that signed that letter and want Kroenke out now.


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Reader Comments (15)

Without any serious threat to boycott or even any clear demands (apart from the rather bizarre request for some independently-minded directors with “Arsenal DNA”) it’s not even clear what the purpose of that letter is. If it was issued just to let the world know that the people who run those blogs are all semi-literate whinging mongs then it is an absolute triumph.

You’re right AT, if people don’t like the way the club is being run they should boycott it. Then Kroenke would have to do something. But after 10 years of no such action being taken whilst the club was run into the ground I doubt these bitches are going to do anything remotely relevant now.

July 15, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGunnergettheresomeday

I think this is the fault of Arsenal PR team. Letting the 45m budget peddled by media everywhere combined with no transfers or outgoings of dross this window has led the fans to think Kroenke is not providing funds. In reality, I think we probably have a similar budget to last year but we have been let down by the clown Sanllehi who has not even made a transfer so far. So fans are taking the frustration on Kroenke.

As far as Kroenke is concerned, my complaint is he is not like John Henry and FSG - the perfect owners.

As far as Wenger, fans are emotional fools and they don't know best. This is where the owner should have got rid of Wenger in 2011 like FSG got rid of King Kenny. Although Liverpool fans were enraged, he was sacked and it was the right decision.

Also, Kroenke using Arsenal to secure loans or using Arsenal money has also been spread so fans are enraged. Blame the Arsenal-hating media and gullible fans.

The worst are the bloggers who encourage the nonsense on Kroenke. With FFP, there is no point in ownership change unless you want a PSG/City type who break rules.

July 15, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGooner

Also as you not worried of our transfers? Tierney and Salibw? What are they going to do?

We need central defenders and defensive midfielders to improve our defence and midfield, but unfortunately neither Emery or Raul seem to be concerned of the defence with them trying to get Koscielny to stay. What do you think?


Before complaining, we should see what the board actually does. Clearly, funds are tight and either nobody wants the players Arsenal are trying to shift or they know we're desperate to sell and will string us along to get a better price. That means Arsenal will have to leave it late before deciding where to allocate the funds they do have.

Ultimately, too many positions need filling, therefore a lot of the trash will have to be tolerated for another season.

It's going to be a long road back, but the defence will look very different with Bellerin, Holding and Tierney (hopefully) in it. Instead of complaining, we need to embrace all these young players coming through, even if things might get worse before they get better.

July 15, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGooner

Glad you have now read this AT. It really is, embarrassing, sabre-rattling bollocks. I am so embarrassed those mongs have anything to do with Arsenal FC - is it any wonder the club is so screwed though? As the above poster mentions there are:

* NO concrete proposals
* NO breakdowns of Kroenke's "crimes" - what are they? It can't be "lack of investment" given Arsene Wenger spent over £360million in his final five years at Arsenal!
* NO analysis of why it is that Tottenham managed to move to a bigger, more expensive, superior stadium while keeping an entirely self-sustaining model, whereby they didn't even sign a single player in 18 months, and kept a wage bill over 30% lower than Arsenal's! Yet, Spuds made top 4, made a CL final and smashed their transfer record to sign a coveted French international in their first window after moving stadiums. Fancy that! And yet, Wenger and Gazidis told all the fans they "could not compete after moving stadium". And guess what? The very same feckless, gormless morons who "wrote" this cringeworthy, embarrassing, aimless PR guff were happy to swallow it because hey, it was Arsene's creamy load they were swallowing! So any excuse will do. Spuds doing what they are doing now only further serves to expose the Wenger lie, and heaps more embarrassment on the same idiot bloggers.
* As AT said. Arsenal fans spent years showing off about "self sustaining model". Now, all of a sudden, they are bitching and whining because they want "sugar daddy instant success"> The same thing they accuse Chelski and Citeh of! You could not make this shit up.
* What is "Arsenal DNA"? Do tell? Because all the moronic bloggers who wrote this worshipped Wenger yet, to my mind, his DNA consisted of pathetic excuses, capitulations, overpaid players, shocking attitude (see Koscielny), a culture of buck-passing and failure, no accountability, lies, deceit, dishonesty and regular thrashings (8-2, 10-2, 6-0 etc).

I repeat: for over TEN YEARS, Arsenal fans went to the AGMs AT mentions. At these farcical staged events, Arsene Wenger would sit alongside Kroenke. And agree with every word. He regularly defended Kroenke and called him "a dream owner" - quote. Arsenal fans said nothing. Wenger would make excuses for the ridiculous ticket prices and justified the hikes despite how shite Arsenal were on the pitch, under his "management". While all other PL managers were sympathising with fans, Wenger spoke up for Kroenke! And yet, Arsenal fans would give Wenger standing ovations at every single AGM, while pretending Kroenke was entirely different. THEY WERE WORKING TOGETHER FFS!

Arsenal fans from that bloggers' "letter" is a Who's Who of clueless moronic fools with a broadband connection, no brain, no honesty, no capacity for rational analysis. Ask yourself how many times e.g. Arsenlog spoke out against the club the last 10 years of Wenker failure? Oh right. He started promoting AFC club tat on his website, and started getting freebies from the regime! Funny that, coincided with absolutely zero criticism from him. Look at the other morons. You have "Hug Wizzy" who's online moniker is actually, "Arsene's Son".

Christ the tools we are dealing with. Ever seen one of his idiotic rants? Any fool is an online celeb these days, it's truly amazing. As an example, "Arsene's Son" did a video blog bashing Emery after the EL final (fair it was bad) but then concluded with "Arsene would have got us top 4". Look at the state of that shite! Arsenal are in the EL this season literally because Wenger was so inept he finished a distant 5th! And to add insult to injury, Wenger's last CL match was a 10-2 walloping by Bayern! So CL for WHAT I ask! Pffft

Then there are the farcical clowns of Le Grove, who have been waxing about Tuchel, a manager who has presided over a dumpster fire at PSG where a dressing room is totally split after just one season. They claimed Emery "could not handle egos like Neymar" yet under Tuchel, Neymar came out yesterday and claimed the "best moment of his career was thrashing PSG for that CL comeback". How disrespectful to your manager. And Tuchel did? Errr nothing. Tuchel also got PSG humiliated in both French domestic cups while being humiliated by clueless Solskjaer's ManYoo third team of Lukaku, McTominay, Bailly, Smalling and Jones FFS. AT HOME!

THIS is the level of "brain trust" morons we are dealing with here. It is a joke and is transparent - they have chosen the first season Wenger is no longer there to finally grow a spine and a pair of balls. What a coincidence eh! Let me guess, they almost certainly want their exiled, unemployed Specialist in Failure, to return to the club and "save" it from the absolutely HOPELESS situation it is in! (You know, not competitive in the league, not competitive in the CL, overpaid weak players, laughing stock. So errr, ya know...pretty much as it was for the last 13 years of Wenger's rein! Hahahaha)

July 15, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRaskolnikov

Unfortunately, most Arsenal fans are sick-and-tired of the club being a banter club and, therefore, are looking for a quick fix. What does get on my nerves is those fans that don't know where the money has gone. The info is there for you to look at yet they can't be arsed.

Players bought at overpriced prices and on huge contracts, e.g Ozil will pocket £36 million over the next two years. Where do you think that money is coming from? It's comes out the transfer budget. Ozil and co know they are not wanted and yet still stay.

The club have sold their better players at below market prices. Sponsorship deals are lagging behind our rivals. The Fly Emirates deal , valued at £40 million ,and started on July 1st, is what Chelsea got from Yokahama rubber 4 years ago.

CL has also gone. Wenger, who loved Arsenal so much, took his final year salary. Add that all up and you are talking hundreds of million of £ just flushed down the toilet. Stan is far from blameless but the new regime need time. The concern is, if they get it wrong also, we may never come back from this.


Arsenal will come back, don't worry about that. The club will always be a draw for top players and managers and the income from TV and broadcasting is huge. Wenger/Gazidis destroyed it, but it can built back up with good governance. The halfwits have been replaced. Unfortunately, their rotten mess is making the new board and manager look like halfwits.

July 15, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterLifeinthefastlane

Where to begin, agreed the " protest" is at least ten years too late. Arsenal have spent plenty of money in the recent past and Kroenke did not block this spending. Wenger was good for a while and lived off past glories for a long time.

The authors of the letter have the feel of a clique; always felt that Arseblog was on the Arsenal payroll. The new board and manager need time. The same people who were willing to give Wenger etc. unlimited time and support need to give the new lot more than five minutes.

July 16, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterVinQuick

Thank you, AT. Along with those that have commented. It's refreshing to see there's still a modicum of common sense amongst those who follow Arsenal. Again, thank you.


I used to argue the toss with you over your stance on Wenger but you were right and I, was wrong.

July 16, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJimmy B

Currently hamstrung by Wenger and Gazidis’ huge annual wage bill. Nothing to do with Stan.

July 16, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGazzap

The people who signed this letter backed Wenger and co as the club was run into the ground. Hill-Wood, the Carrs, Bracewell-Smith, Friar, Fitzman and those who supported what was happening at Arsenal are to blame for the current mess. Bob Wilson, a playing hero of mine, gave total blind support as the club he loves was ruined both on the playing side and financially by Wenger - and Wilson still thinks that the old fraud is a great man.

If I was Emery's agent I would tell him to resign before his reputation is ruined. The task faced by Emery is monumental. It could well take a decade to undo the Wenger poison of the previous decade. The jokers who signed the letter are inveterate Wenger lovers who supported everything that they are now complaining about.

July 16, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRamgun

These morons were perfectly happy with:
- Wenker, who during all these years slowly but steadily demolished the club,
- swallowing all his excuses, drivel and spin,
- all the dross he installed which he bribed with -indeed- galactico wages
- putting up their pathetic AIWT banners despite the 8-2 6-0 5-1 10-2 humiliations,
- hurling abuse at players that left for clubs that *would* fit to their ambitions and even to fellow fans that would dare to even question *their* Lord le Fraud. (e.g. The "classy" flack van Persie received from these lame AKB-ers when he walked up to the stands to thank Arsenal fans for their support after a pre-season friendly in Cologne.)

It didn't even ring a bell to them when at some stage Spurs fans en-masse copied their AKB Wenger chants.. Wenker must have pissed himself laughing at his farewell party (too embarrassing to look at) whilst cashing another 17M!.

During all these years they were perfectly complacent with the situation and all the excuses for failure and now they want Kroenke to turn it into instant success.

They first took the pride away of many fellow fans and now they complain of a blighted soulless atmosphere and empty seats in the stadium. Hahahahaha Can you believe it?

Instead of blaming Kroenke these little cry babies should look in the mirror and ask themselves how we finally got in this situation.

Perfectly agree with you AT and Rasko, keep up the good work!

July 16, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterCloggs

Awesome post Raskolnikov, everything I've been saying in a nutshell.

What's worse is you have had these so-called Wenger-out bloggers, this imbecile over at Le Grove, for example, whom I call Wenger-lite, that for years sat on the fence, patronising his empty-headed followers with vacuous platitudes. One week calling for Wenger's head, the next praising the club and its dear leader for doing the bare minimum. The fucking idiot still thinks Arteta is the incarnation of a young Arsene Wenger and throws all sorts of tantrums if challenged with reasonable arguments to the contrary.

It really is not surprising at all where the club finds itself and it's the cowardice of the fans that led us here. Certainly not Kroenke, although whom has many faults a lack of investment not being among them.

And here's the thing, you still have these fucktards doing all they can to absolve Wenger of any malfeasance, even going so far as to suggest that the old fool should be reinstated. The current narrative is "why did we get rid of Wenger if this is what we have?", still not wanting to recognise the very reason why we were here in the first place.

Oh, to be a Gooner!

July 17, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterjasongms

AT, what do you make of this piece:



It's what we already know. By "we", I mean anyone that's bothered to observe the situation objectively since 2010.

July 19, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRaskolnikov

Hi AT, STCC has actually been scrapped:



It appears STCC became irrelevant. First, there's few clubs left with a wage bill under £67m. Second, clubs were circumnavigating commercial income rules.

Ironically, this has come at a bad time for Arsenal. Whereas before they were stifled by STCC because they had the money to sign players but not the flexibility to significantly increase the wage bill, now they (supposedly) don't have money to buy players while those that do can spend unfettered... as long as they don't break UEFA's FFP rules.

July 21, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterChris J

You people are in denial. With Kroenke, expect this to go on until he leaves.

Selling the club to Stan was the biggest mistake that ever happened. When Chelski got Abramovic we got the wrong billionaire in Stan. Obviously, Dein thought he had found the solution from a man who was already involved in sports but instead got a businessman who was interested in nothing but building up his own riches.

The truth is there for all to see. Stan ruined the career of Wenger and denied Arsenal the success that Dein envisioned. The potential of youth proven by Cesc and Co. especially in 2008 blinded everyone from the truth, which is that Wenger needed investment in the playing field but as a good man he allowed the board and the owners to hide behind his good name. The result was that every season we were 2 or 3 players short with no strong back up and therefore couldn't mount a sustained challenge to the title.

Looking back, our summers have been the same ever since. Our behaviour in the market two seasons after Wenger left just confirmed to me that Stan is the problem. We are in our 2nd summer since but our behaviour hasn't improved from the way we were in 2009 when we were cash strapped.

If we don't kick out Stan we will still be the same more than five years from now. We should have got Usmanov.

July 23, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGooner96

Excellent contribution from Gooner96, s/he perfectly highlights what has been the problem all along - our moronic, spineless fans. If we don’t kick them out we will still be the same more than five years from now.

The truth is there for all to see 😂

July 24, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGunnergettheresomeday

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